Most risque ad for drain-clog remover, ever


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  1. Most risque ad in the USA, perhaps, but I’m okay with this.  It’s funny in a stupid spoof of porn sort of way.

    • wolfwitch says:

      It really is sad what we consider risque in the USA. Many European commercials would be considered “soft porn” here.

      •  I know, right?  There was a disconnect in my brain between the word ‘risque’ and what I was seeing in the commercial.  I was expecting… I don’t know, more? perhaps. 

        To your point, a lot of Mexican commercials would be soft porn in the good-ol’, puritanical USA as well.

        And as an added bonus the actress is cute instead of “hot”.

        • tyr says:

           I’d still snake her drain, if you know what mean.  (I mean consensual sex in the missionary position for the purposes of procreation in the absolute  minimum time necessary and only after the relationship is validated by the local religious authorities.)

          • Quiche de Resistance says:

            Can I flush her pipe while you do it?  BECAUSE I’M PRETTY SURE THIS AD IS ABOUT DOUBLE PENETRATION.

      • Toffer99 says:

        It must be a repressed hell to have to live in USA. Come to Europe -we’ve got plenty of room, and plenty of freedom.

        • xzzy says:

          On the other hand, violence is significantly more tolerated here in the states than in other parts of the world. 

          Someday, a country will rise that gets the peanut butter of sex mixed in with the chocolate of violence, and we’ll all be happy. 

        • Spriggan_Prime says:

           “we’ve got plenty of room, and plenty of freedom”

          I think two of the main reasons people originally left Europe was because you didn’t. At least at the time.

          • aaronmhill says:

            Funny what a couple hundred years and two world wars will do to a continent…

          • tyr says:

            That’s part of your foundation myth and definitely isn’t the entire truth. For example the puritans went to the colonies to establish a country according to their own strict religious teachings. Which is why they outlawed other religions such as Catholicism as soon as they had enough influence.

        • IronEdithKidd says:

          Do you have the wherewithal to sponsor a family for citizenship? Because if we’re coming over, we ain’t going back.

        • regeya says:

          The USA is about to get a whole lot worse.  The phrase “secular government” has actually become a dirty phrase in the current Presidential campaign.  I wish I were kidding.  In four years we’ve gone from a consensus of “conservative” meaning “keep the government out of my wallet” to “Jesus take the wheel”.

    • jandrese says:

       I am interested in links to those even more risque drain-clog remover ads from Europe and South America.  Anybody have a link? 

      • tyr says:

         Flemish ad for a magazine that included a condom with one of its issues. They also had some pretty funny ads with a religious-right type pollster asking young people questions (about sexuality, relegion, etc) then going on an insane rant on how they were going to raped by Satan for eternity and he’d piss down into their eyes from heaven blinding them with the steam but I can’t find a subbed version. Can’t see that airing in the US.

  2. Sagodjur says:

    Queue melodramatic public call for a boycott of Clorox from [insert 'traditional family values' organization here]

  3. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    How dare she break up that obviously happy gay couple!
    Why won’t you heterosexuals learn NO MEANS NO!

  4. Dom Fletcher says:

    I think the most risqué part of it is definitely the melon sniff at the end.

  5. I can’t believe this is real.


  6. Timothy Krause says:

    I love the transgressive suggestion that she’s fantasizing, not just about being “plumbed” by the two brawny he-men, but possibly also about penetrating them as well . . . until the mellon-sniffing oaf brings us back to Heteronormativityland. It was fun down in those dark clogged sexy pipes for a bit.

    • zombiebob says:

       You have quit an imagination

      • Timothy Krause says:

        I have indeed quit many imaginations, like the one my culture gave me, the one that says hawttt wimmens are for big tuff guyz to screw screw screw but don’t do any of that bad stuff especially if you’re two tuff guyz but maybe it’s ok if you’re two hawttt wimmens. 

        So now, like in They Live, when I’m shown some sacuy-funny bit of heteronormative trash I can see through to the raging buttsecks beneath, and collapse the heterosexist house of cards with a bit of the old snark and tickle. Or something.

  7. semiotix says:

    I don’t know if it’s even the most risque Liquid Plumr commercial I’ve ever seen. These are the guys who brought us Foaming Pipe Snake, after all. Foaming Pipe Snake! Come on!

  8. Kevin Pierce says:

    Does it work on Santorum?

  9. SamSam says:

    At first I was like: waaahhh???

    And then I was like: Oh right, that first reaction to an actually quite-funny ad is what happens when repressed puritan values are seen as normal and sex is considered taboo.

    Then I felt embarrassed for my first reaction.

  10. nixiebunny says:

    That’s a big pair of melons. And some fine smooth jazz. It could be a 70s porn film, if it weren’t a commercial.

    Which leaves me wondering… is this real? 

  11. rocketpjs says:

    I thought he was sniffing a squash, which confused me as it is a vegetable with which I have very few erotic associations.

    Kudos for her being actually attractive rather than porn star/hollywood attractive though.

    • Timothy Krause says:

      You mean “kudos for big media for depicting sexy as other than consumption-thin or aerodynamically-hardbodied, and allowing the male gaze to objectify quasi-hawttt soccer moms and zaftig ladies and other women who were previously overlooked by the commodification of heterosexual desire.” It’s sort of empowering, but kinda totally not.

      • davidasposted says:

        No, that is probably not what he meant.

        • Timothy Krause says:

          Hmm, then why did he say that? Or why did his words say that? Or why is that said by so many words on the subject? Sometimes you have to read closely.

          • guanto says:

            Well, your words did, not his…

          • Timothy Krause says:

            @ guanto below me (can’t reply directly for some reason):
            Um, no, those are his words that say that: you’re talking about my interpretation of his words. 

          • davidasposted says:

            Sometimes you have to read closely.

            And sometimes you read so closely that you miss the point or overall meaning of the OP. And sometimes you risk not doing justice to that meaning.

            What you’ve done here is take a positive observation — that the female actor chosen for this ‘racy’ ad does not conform to the stereotypical image of feminine sexuality — and turn it inside out. But your rhetorical gesture repels rather than enlightens because it suggests that even though rocketpjs thinks he can be critically aware of the messages that are communicated in a TV advertisement such as this one, in fact he is still just a rube. That he is complicit. And what good does that do, other than make you feel superior?

            You could be right about this issue, but to present your opinion in the way you have done so makes your rightness or wrongness irrelevant. To use the sexually-charged language that befits this discussion, you prematurely blew your wad.

      • rocketpjs says:

        Well, I routinely objectify my very hot (oh sorry, ‘hawtt’) soccer (well, hockey) mom spouse, who is very attractive by human standards.  When I am fortunate she objectifies me right back. 

        On the other hand, much of what our mainstream culture depicts as ‘hawtt’ seems to be a freakishly airbrushed and heavily made-up version of an 18 year old girl (and I use the term advisedly) with improbable proportions. 

        So yes, I like to see a commercial that shows someone who is attractive in a human way, rather than the typical television/commercial way.  That said, there is very little that is sexy about drain cleaner, and I have already spent too much energy talking about a commercial for a product I am not likely to ever buy.

  12. Truman Ash says:

    Think about this for a minute. First, an ad agency – most likely external to the company that makes the product – had to come up with the idea. They would have kicked it around for a while. This means a team of mixed genders wearing suits and ties in a big room deciding the content is good and should be looked into. They would story board the idea and get an idea for how it would flow.

    Then they meet with the company that makes the drain cleaner. Now this ad agency would likely have several potential adds all story boarded out for review. They would be meeting with a few key folks from the marketing department at the drain cleaner company. Those folks then decide on which to go with. The story board then goes off the be shot as a commercial. The ad agency reviews the commercial, the drain cleaner folks review the commercial. Everyone has to sign off.

    We are talking about at least dozens of folks in suits, VP level execs, directors and executive directors within the company and the ad agency all giving it the thumbs up.

    I am actually relieved that something like this can make it past all the politically correct crap that seems to infest us these days. The only way to make this better would be for some cry to come up to cut the ad and for the company to say “Don’t like the ad? Don’t buy the drain cleaner.”. I would then rush out and buy 10 of the things.

    • Spriggan_Prime says:

      When you’re pitching your comany’s flagship product that is mainly used to remove pubes clogging the drain you have to be pretty down to earth and honest about it. That, and most people I know working for ad agencies are some of the most delightfully deviously gutter-minded folk one can chance upon at a cocktail party. Oscar Wilde would fit right in.

    • bbonyx says:

       As for the ad agency portion of your thoughts…

      Either you’ve never worked in advertising or perhaps haven’t ever been in an ad office. They *know* where their bread is buttered and the “sex sells” mentality goes all the way from the creatives to the execs.

      A close friend of mine is a creative in the ad world and I was always amazed at what was allowed to be hung on cube walls, in conference rooms, etc. in his office. Things that would never fly past HR in the uptight corporate world I was a part of.

      I once asked him about it and he said “Dude, we had scantily clad models in a photo shoot for Bimmer (BMW) in here last week. Those were billable hours, not recreation. Selling through sex is what we do, so no one is going to be a hypocrite about a pinup calendar or sexy imagery used for decoration. That’s just a reminder about what gets people’s attention, motivates them and moves product.”

      So the low-levels don’t have to “get things past” the suits. The mentality is pervasive, because the suits generally used to be the creatives and know what moves the numbers.

  13. Lester says:

     It probably won’t air on TV, but it got you tube views and, now, BB views.

  14. I think it’s meant to suggest that she clean out two drains at the same time, one probably a bit dirtier than the other. Which is an uncomfortable thought. However, those two dudes are most definitely gay, so she’d probably just end up fingering her Dirt Devil while she watched the men do the reaming jobs.

  15. kartwaffles says:

    Was browsing r/trees just beforehand. Saw pineapple at 0:08. All became clear.

  16. Rick Santorum is going to be pissed!

    • That_Anonymous_Coward says:

      Yeah, Wal-Mart refused to blow up the mosaic photo of him made out of gay porn stills…  he was quiet upset he couldn’t get a better look to see if he had already seen all of them…

  17. Mark Dow says:

    $1.79 for an eggplant! I feel so cheap.

  18. Jay Graves says:

    The last voice over bit sounds like  Isaiah Mustafa from the Old Spice commercials but the other parts don’t (at least to me).


  19. ganesha71 says:

    Kinda on the same level as the Schick razor Trim the Hedges commercial. 

    • John Vance says:

      Misread as ‘schlick’, which really only added to the effect.

    • MetalPorkchop says:

      Hahaha, I like the “Wanna learn English” ad, I’ve seen it before.  The razor ad is funny and clever, but why is it that only females are expected to trim hedges, at least on tv?  What’s with all the pink?  This needs to be a pink and blue ad.

  20. Henry Pootel says:

    This would be awesomer with some unnecessary censorship pixellation style.

    • Donald Petersen says:

      “Unnecessary”?  Call me prude, but I had to gasp and clutch my pearls at the graphic sight of that… that… hairy turd being broken up at :35.  Felt like watching a poorly-prepped colonoscopy video.  There’s where I could have used the pixellation.

      The rest of the commercial was A-okay with me.  Liquid Plum-r’s got my next clog-poking business.

  21. Teller says:

    The marketing brief: Appeal to younger demographic. Mission accomplished, neh?

    • retchdog says:

      that’s a good point. older people probably have a real drain snake already and don’t need that crappy piece of plastic.

  22. switters says:

    It’s funny.  It is.  But it’s also funny how we don’t seem to notice our continuing decline as a society.   Like Truman Ash says about, it took dozens of people to approve that.  Imagine Mom shopping with her son at the Safeway.  “Hey mom!  Bet you could use some of that Liquid Plumbr!”   Yeah, we’re definitely getting f’d as a society.  (Not to mention as timid housewives.)   It’s no wonder all the teapartiers are peeing themselves.   That said, yeah, it’s funny.  But I think this is a semi-serious symptom of a whole lotta of other shit moving through the pipes… 

    • wrybread says:

      Why does sexual innuendo equate with decline for you? At least sex is a healthy impulse. Personally I see being open about sex, and being able to joke about it (and this *is* a joke) as a step in the right direction. I’m way more concerned with the glorification of violence that’s so commonplace we hardly even notice it anymore.

    • guanto says:

      Right, look at depraved, drug-addled, whoring Amsterdam (as per Bill O’). All because of their ads, I tell you!

    • lecti says:

      “our continuing decline as a society.”

      Question is, decline from what point? The country started with culture that enslaved and exterminated non-whites.  Women couldn’t vote, miscegenation and homosexuality were illegal.  We even had concentration camps for some of our citizens.  Compared to those things, I’d take some silly commercial with sexual innuendo any day!

    • sean says:

       Yeah, I think. I’d probably agree with you if I knew what you were saying. It sounds like something I’d say.

  23. schlocktober says:

    That actress is hilarious! The bit with her hair in her mouth is priceless.

  24. causticagnostic says:

    They used to screen a Brawny paper towel commercial before the main feature at my local theater that was far more risqué in my opinion. The commercial has since been pulled and I haven’t been able to find anywhere, but it featured a woman emasculating her husband by forcing him to wear a pink apron and bake a cake while she simultaneously stood satisfyingly next the Brawny man. The commercial ended with the husband using a paper towel to clean up a conspicuously white gelatinous mess on the kitchen counter.

  25. Samuel Valentine says:

    This is so funny that I don’t need to be philosophical about its cultural ramifications!

  26. Hollando says:

    “Plumr?!”  I barely know  her!”

  27. Jim Saul says:

    Just be happy that butcher wasn’t basting the spit-roasted hens. 
    At least men will now think twice before trotting out the “go make a sandwich” meme to their girlfriends.

  28. countablyinfinite says:

    Evidently, lesbians don’t get drain clogs in numbers large enough to warrant commercials that target their sex buttons. Le sigh.

    (And cue accusations about my own sexual preferences in 3…2…)

    • llazy8 says:

      It’s because lesbian plumber fantasies are covered feature-length in that movie “Bound”.  

      (sure they’re accusations and not invitations?)

  29. DJBudSonic says:

    My first thought when I saw this televised was that she should be wearing her glasses while pouring that drain cleaner into standing water, I hope all consumers of that product do so.  You do not want to get that in your eye.    Then I watched the video shown above and it is different from the ad I saw, we are getting a :30 spot that is less risque –  but she should wear those glasses either way… 

    • MetalPorkchop says:

      That goes for all those CSI type shows, which involve lab work, yet the characters are all wearing open lab coats, which defeats the purpose of a coat, but if you button them up, there would be no cleavage.  Long hair is left down.  Sometimes they don’t wear safety glasses or gloves.  Details are important.

      • Donald Petersen says:

        Those details are probably only important for amateur lab workers who dress for work based upon what they watched on CBS at 9:00 last night.

        • penguinchris says:

           In university science labs (the ones that undergrads do as part of coursework, not the ones where research is taking place) many students are reluctant to go full-dorky with the safety gear. And usually the labs are taught by grad students who don’t always feel like they have the authority to be strict about such things.

  30. MrWoods says:

    Maybe it’s these sunglasses I found, but all I see is “Mary and Reproduce” and “Consume” – weird

  31. geth says:

    I suddenly want to buy drain cleaner. No, seriously. I have a bad clog in my bathroom sink, and it looks like that product might work.

  32. fink says:

    The “…to grab deep clogs” makes me think…..well…  that maybe I’m taking their double-entendre beyond what they had intended.

  33. smammy says:

    See also:

    Sarah Haskins in Target Women: Cleaning

    We all know women love to clean. But do you know why? Here’s the dirty little secret… Sarah Haskins learns that life is more exciting with a little help from Dawn, Swiffer, Mr. Clean, Glade and Lysol.

  34. bgrenon says:

    This never aired.  Spoof, or internal mock-up by their agency.

  35. social_maladroit says:

    That was hilarious. (One wonders if it actually made it on the air.)

  36. Daemonworks says:

    I recall there being one in which the bathroom cleanser’s “scrubbing bubbles” were a bunch of voyeuristic perverts…

  37. tewsday says:

    That’s Jessica Makinson!

  38. AwesomeRobot says:

    This is amazing. Best Drain cleaner ad ever created. 

    Sure, there’s going to be backlash – but it’s totally worth it, who ever talks about drain cleaner?

  39. Wayne Dyer says:

    I certainly hope she uses that for its intended purpose.

  40. Alex Kime says:

    this ad perpetuates the stereotype that everyone working in grocery stores are hunky, charming and will initiate a threesome with you without proper prior planning. this just sets everyone up for disappointment, and frankly im tired of it. 

  41. Sparkstalker says:

    Am I the only one disappointed by the fact that the commercial didn’t have Jean-Claude Van Damme in it?

  42. MetalPorkchop says:

    I don’t get what she’s doing.  Going up and down would make the bottle fall off, but whatever is going on there, just looks weird.  

  43. millie fink says:

    i get what she’s doing. Takes the sexism of American beer ads to a whole nother level. Ugh.

  44. MetalPorkchop says:

    Seriously?  That’s a whole lotta hostility over nothing.  Now, shake hands and make friends. 
    I liked the ad, and I’m far from stupid, which by the way is a pretty harsh generalization about people you don’t know.  Maybe instead of being all stuck up, you too, could have a chuckle, it’s good for you.  It’s about time for an ad to have sexy guys and a cute girl, though it would be even more revolutionary if she was unattractive, and at the same time, not the centre of a joke.  Having hot young girls and fat, balding, old guys in ads is far from clever advertising and so boringly redundant.

  45. Timothy Krause says:

    No, it would still be heavily (ahem) gendered. The real issue here is not, Does gender exist and play a vital role in determining our attitudes and perceptions?, but how are particular genders represented, by whom, and to whose benefit? Would it help to note that I too found it very funny, although I refused to stop there, and looked deeper? That along with the chuckle and routine “she’s pretty” I had a bit of a shiver when I thought about why, particularly, I needed to see how pretty she was, and how a lot of smart, talented, and perhaps wealthy people were working to focus my attention on her body? Those kinds of things never occur to you?

  46. Quiche de Resistance says:


  47. guanto says:

    [removed 'nasty' comment]

  48. millie fink says:

    No, the message is not the same, except at the most facile level. In the beer ad, the woman is totally objectified, in just about the most sexist way possible. Her body is even used as a “convenient” place for a guy/bloke to set down his beer!

    OTOH, in the OP ad, the whole perspective is the woman’s. It’s HER fantasy, and she’s portrayed as an autonomous being, not a will-less object.

    Get real, dude.

  49. guanto says:

    [removed 'nasty' comment]

  50. millie fink says:

    Good lord, are you serious? I think you just can’t be. If you are, you’ve got a lot of learning to do about what sexism in a patriarchal order is.

  51. guanto says:

    [removed 'nasty' comment]

  52. guanto says:

    Edit: Okay, thank you for you cooperation, Antinous! Truly sorry I don’t fully understand American sensibilities, no ill intentions here. Just wish we could try to tone down the insults a bit.

    But this here stands, cause I just don’t understand it:

    Edit3: Comment below was a tongue-in-cheek comment on actual events here in Europe. Not sure why it was inappropriate, but oh well…

  53. guanto says:

    Edit: doesn’t really matter.

    Bottom line: what you call ‘sexist’ is normal (and not perceived as disparaging) elsewhere. Still, cultural differences (especially since the offending item has been removed) are no reason for personal insults so I’d appreciate it if you could remove them from your earlier comment. I’m sure there are other, more eloquent ways you can express your disapproval.

    Thank you!

    (Last edit for future readers: Antinous’ “all holes” line is his unique interpretation; the ad was based on innuendo without any actual sexual action shown, just implied by means of a woman’s moving back and buttocks on the bottom edge of the frame.)

  54. Timothy Krause says:

    Hmm, having difficulties replying to those above.

    Gosh, gender studies critical theory etc. still seem to ruffle some feathers, almost fifty years out. Go figure! Didn’t think I’d find the Kulchur Warrz 2.0 here on BB, but wow, I guess we’re still fighting about gender roles and depictions of sexuality. Perhaps we’ll have progressed to debating heliocentrism in a few decades!

    davidasposted: Well, we’re all complicit, even me: I’ve happily posted a good number of the now-68 comments on this thread, and will likely more. Sex sells, right? It’s not like I don’t find hawttt ladiez hawttt: it’s just that I have a lot more to say about that, particularly the cultural machinery in place that benefits from their hawttness while selling it as a commodity to the benighted masses. Now that’s really hot, particularly from an intellectual point of view, one I perhaps incorrectly assumed you’d be capable of taking.

    Dunno about the presentation: not everyone’s Internet snark is funny to others. That’s more than cool with me. The larger issues–that things like ads reveal more than they say; that these things can be “read into” media in fun and accurate ways by interpreters; that this is a necessary, not a silly or irrelevant, practice–are fairly well decided in my favor, and have been for a long time. Your resistance to these issues, and your focus on ad hominems like character and tone of my post, are quite telling.

    @zombiebob, Professional, actually, in the sense that I get paid to teach. Not gender studies or deconstruction, but, really, these can hardly be said to be the exclusive purview of the academically employed, however ignorant of, or resistant to, them you yourself may be. Deconstruction is exciting! 

  55. Antinous / Moderator says:

    The message is more or less the same.

    Message one: a woman finds two men attractive and fantasizes about sex with them. Message two: multiple men fuck a woman in all her holes while using her for beer storage.

    Edit: I can’t remove the video either (thanks Disqus!), so I just took out the comment.

  56. Antinous / Moderator says:

    The video that you posted was much more ‘sexist’ than ‘sexy’. It builds on a century of viewing women as blow-up dolls that can be sent to the fridge for beer. It’s possible to have sexual humor, even gross sexual humor without it being sexist.

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