Rangefinder iPhone case

Photojojo's iPhone Rangefinder case clips onto your iPhone, making it look like an iPhone inside a case that looks like a bit like a rangefinder. It's compatible with Photojojo's magnetic fisheye, wide-angle/macro and tele lenses: you can get it with a full set for $99. [via This Isn't Happiness]


  1. It will never sell in that it violates the fundamental rule of iCases the sign of the holy fruit must never be obscured!

  2. I have this (had some PayPal funny money) and while it is pretty cute, it’s rather cheaply made. Not that most iPhone cases are made out of amber and ivory. But I’m really not sure I would do it again, even at the $65 I spent.
    It’s pretty impractical frankly.

  3. I still have a hard on for this case, ever since Mark wrote about it 3 weeks ago. 

    Anyone flying to Addis Ababa soon and can bring one along? Mail service here is terrible / non existent … and then there is duty and customs. 

    And as I commented on Mark’s post, I want to see someone use it as a phone while it is in that case :)   (why is this guy holding his camera on his ear?)

    1. It’d be funny to see you walk around with your ‘camera’ glued to your ear on Bole or Piazza rd. have fun out there!

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