FBI shuts off thousands of GPS devices after Supreme Court ruling, now having trouble finding them


28 Responses to “FBI shuts off thousands of GPS devices after Supreme Court ruling, now having trouble finding them”

  1. grimc says:


  2. satn says:

    ok, everyone with skin darker than your socks, go check under your car.

    then hit up ebay.

  3. keihin says:

    Three thousand.

  4. CSBD says:

    Built by the lowest bidder (LB), installed by the lowest common denominator (LCD), lost by  LULZ.

    Too bad we are all paying to replace these.

  5. Calvin says:

    It is after all, the FBI.  Every agent a proud card holding member of the FOKC (Fraternal Order of the Keystone Cops)

  6. HeavyLight says:

    Perhaps the FBI could offer a reward to everyone they’ve been (illegally) tracking that returns their bugs?  ;-)

  7. Donald Petersen says:

    Aw, Hoover, ain’t that a bitch?

  8. BBNinja says:

    Actually, what they offered to “lucky” (i.e., brown/muslim) citizens who found them half-arsedly placed under their cars was criminal charges if they didn’t return them.  Man, if someone slaps some James Bond shit on my car you better believe it’s mine when I find it.

  9. ether78 says:

    Cue Yaketty Sax.

  10. Scott says:

    I call shenanigans

  11. blm says:

    They say they’re turning them off…

  12. Ipo says:

    Turn them back on, retrieve them. 
    The Supreme Court didn’t rule that using a device to track itself without a search warrant violated the law. 

    • OoerictoO says:

      would you allow the government to attach an unknown device of their ownership/design to your car as long as they say: “we’re only doing this to save tax-payer $, trust us” ?

      • Ipo says:

         No, I would not. 
        But if there was one attached to my car, I’d want it removed. 
        Saying “Yeah, but we turned it of.f” isn’t good enough.

  13. Eat Bacon says:

    Let them stay lost. Serves them right, to lose the money all those GPS units cost, for illegally tracking people.

  14. corydodt says:

    Why… do they need them back?

    You only need them back if you’re going to use them. And most of them are never going to be used again, because we just made it harder to use them (yay!). You think the FBI is going to go out and get a bunch of warrants now? No, they are not.

    Let them go man, they’re gone.

  15. Dave Noisy says:

    I think it’d be appropriate for the judge to rule that the Ef Bee……AAYE to have to call up all those they were tracking  and ask for the device back.

  16. ryuchi says:

    “if you lost you can look and you will find me…time after time…” hahaha, however i ain’t singin this to scummy FBI, i sing it to mizz X e n i ! :

  17. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    Think about this…their record keeping about these units is so poor they have NO IDEA WHERE THEY PUT THEM.
    Of course in their defense, the units used to tell them where they were all the time, so writing down what car you attached it to might have seems silly at the time.
    Could we make it easier if we just had all brown people stop by their local FBI offices to have their cars checked?   /sarc

    FBI agents aren’t allowed to used GPS with turn by turn directions anymore, I fear they would blindly follow the commands and end up turning into a wall or a river…

  18. Cowicide says:

    I found their GPS device under my car, removed it and converted it into a bong.  If the FBI wants it back, they’re gonna have to smoke me out.

  19. Frank Diekman says:

    Life imitates The Onion

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