Gweek 041: Under the Moons of Mars


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  1. John P says:

    Another good Philip José Farmer riff on Tarzan: Lord Tyger

  2. ridestowe says:

    i remember getting unreasonably upset when i found out that ipods/iphones dont have a feature that will push the stereo channels into a mono one, requiring a hardware alternative like the one good earbud in this post

  3. I have to second your recommendation of Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians . It’s a beautiful piece, but very grueling to perform. It’s seldom performed live and usually they have about 25 musicians working in shifts.

  4. olrac57 says:

    Maybe it’s done well – I haven’t checked it out yet. But does anyone else look at Goliath and get the feeling it’s just Grendel? Shall we start retelling every tale from the perspective of the villain and call it creativity? And will any others reach the level of Grendel?

  5. Hi guys. Thanks for mentioning Under the Moons of Mars on the show. Glad to hear Mike is enjoying it.

    If anyone wants to read a few sample stories from the anthology, read interviews with the authors, or view the artwork from the book, you can visit the promotional site we’ve setup for the book,

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