ICYMI: a robust BB comment thread on Foxconn, labor standards, and Pogue's recent column

On Friday, I threw together a quick blog post about a recent David Pogue column on Foxconn, and responses to that column by others around the web. The resulting Boing Boing discussion thread was full of thoughtful, interesting stuff, and (for the most part!) surprisingly non-inflammatory. Give it a read. I've also updated the post to include a few relevant links I neglected to include, like this related ABC Nightline TV episode, and another Pogue column on the hidden cost of cheap gadgets.


  1. GAH. Here comes the rest of my comment.
    The question shouldn’t be if we care about chinese factory conditions, but if we care about our jobs being safe. Only if the working conditions and wages in china or elsewhere are comparable to western standards we will be able to compete with them. It’s no wonder producing in country A is cheaper than in country B if they have lower standards with everything, from protecting the environment over social security to work safety and wages. Either we get them to adapt our standards, or we’ll have to adapt theirs. 
    Hands up, who wants to live and work like a chinese foxconn employee?

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