Lego Russian ray-gun

Avi sez, "AFOL Shannon Sproule built this charming Raygun entirely from LEGO parts." Shannon calls it the Russian Tokarev TT-34 Atomiser and notes, "Every mechanonaut was issued with a Tokarev laser pistol. They were small, lightweight and proved very reliable on the lunar battlefield." As this implies, there's a whole contrafactual mythology that this belongs to, called Battle for the Moon.

Russian Tokarev TT-34 Atomiser (Thanks, Avi!)


6 Responses to “Lego Russian ray-gun”

  1. DevinC says:

    Just the thing to go with my new Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator!

  2. getting tired of the use of the word ‘mythology’ to mean any type of well developed fiction.

  3. drabkikker says:

     Orange Lego bricks? I’m getting old.

    • thezarray says:

      I had them as a kid, they came in a spring/easter gift kit with other bright pastel colors. I also remember getting some knock-off ones the were neon colored and had strange velvety texture.

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