Video: Cat likes to swim in the sea

[Video Link]. Also contains an attractive woman in a bikini. (thanks, Tara McGinley!)


  1. Let the wet kitty innuendo begin… Amazing. I have never seen a cat willingly go swimming, but a bikini clad girl can convince you to do anything.

  2. Reminds me of a cat I lived with that enjoyed swimming, the problem was the only standing water he found on a regular basis was in the toilet bowl, you learned to look before you sat down, else he would jump out between your upper legs which usually scared the … yeah… I am sure you understand… 

  3. We didn’t see the starting point of the cat or even if the bikini carried the cat out and said “you’re on your own now and the shore is that way”.

      1. Do you have a another video?  Because I see a video where the cat was on a sand bank and walked into the water to get back to the shore.

    1.  Yes.
       I don’t know if this cat likes to swim in the sea. 
      The video was of this cat swimming from a sand bank back to shore. 
      So we know that at least it is willing to brave a swim to get itself out of an uncomfortably exposed spot where it was surrounded by water. 

      Didn’t at all look like he liked it.  But some cats do.

    1. Reminds me of a line from a Diamonds Are Forever: “that’s a nice little nothing you’re almost wearing.”

  4. It seems like the weirdest cat stuff is always from Russians (or, I guess, Ukrainians).  Oddly, the person that uploaded that video has uploaded loads of other kitty oddities videos, all different cats.  Gotta have a hobby or part-time job I guess.

  5. In his memoir Chuck Amuck, Chuck Jones tells of the cat who adapted his family when he (Chuck) was a kid, and loved to go swimming in the ocean. When he needed to rest, the cat would sneak up behind the nearest hairless ape and clamber up on their shoulder..

  6. Biting my fingers and banging my forehead on the desk repeatedly.  M.u.s.t  n.o.t  c.o.m.m.e.n.t  o.n  t.e.h  h.a.w.t    AAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Your inability to distinguish between a video of a swimmer in a bikini and a video of a scientist in a suit makes me think that maybe you should see a neurologist in an office.

  7. Ok, moving beyond pussy jokes to say: some cats like water. I read somewhere that you can train them to swim if you start young so I thought I’d try with my kitten who was always curious about the bath while I was in it and who preferred to drink straight from the faucet anyway. I thought he’d be a natural. Turns out, he freaks out majorly even if just his paws get wet to the tops. So sad, I was hoping he’d take to it. 

    But I have definitely seen swimming cats before. I guess it’s a cat personality thing/genetic thing.

    1.  When I was a teen our family cat loved nothing more than getting outside and playing in the rain and wet, all the way from kitten through to adult.  He would happily roll around in puddles that would collect on the lawn, but his absolute favourite was frolicking in the “rapids” whenever the dam on our property overflowed.

  8. Another attractive Russian woman in a bikini, going for a swim.  This time, however, there’s no cat.

  9. Not all cats hate water.  Some breeds seem to be more comfortable soaking than others; this may depend upon exactly what kind of fur they carry (how thick undercoat is vs. topcoat).

    One of my tiger tabbies is perfectly happy to have the tap dripping on his head while he drinks the water that has puddled in the sink; I wouldn’t be too surprised to find him joining me in the shower someday.

    I had to shampoo my previous cat a few times to get rid of fleas. She was a siamese, with the human-focused personality that breed is known for; she wasn’t delighted but she accepted that if I wanted her to do this I must have a good reason. (And she always got a very long cuddle immediately afterward as I dried her off.)

    I know a cat that insists on sitting in the tub after each shower. He gets wet. He doesn’t seem to mind.

    A friend of mine reports her cat joining her in the tub when she was a kid. The most important thing was for there to be a way for the cat to climb back out that didn’t involve climbing the human.

    I was speaking with a Maine Coon breeder a few weeks ago who reports that one recent kitten was particularly fond of splashing the water bowl over himself and everything else in the area. Apparently he was named Alligator *before* he started doing this; maybe he decided he had to live up to his name. (“There’s an alligator in the house…”)

  10. That sounded like Turkish they were speaking – I wonder if it was a Van cat? That breed is supposed to be prone to loving water.

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