Apple tees up product launch for March 7: whatever could it be?

Apple today invited tech reporters to an event in San Francisco on March 7, with the following graphic suggesting that the unveiling relates to a new iteration of its market-dominating iPad.

As is the custom with Apple, no confirmed details have been released about either the event, or any future iPad. But word is the third-generation version will include an upgraded display, faster processor, and the same form factor as iPad 2. There are also rumors that AT&T and Verizon will offer higher-speed coverage for the device on their fourth-gen LTE networks.

Your photoshop remixes for the invite graphic are welcomed in the comments.


  1. Apple could make everyone totally lose their shit just by calling it the “iPad 4.”

    You’re welcome, Mr. Cook.

  2. Speaking of photoshop, I can’t seem to grasp where the light shining on the thumb in the picture comes from. Or maybe the black border emits white light. That would be something.

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      1. It’s a lame and persistent problem, so I’m going to be lame and persistent in observing it. It’s not like these observations haven’t gathered any likes.

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          I’m sure you all terribly miss my witty insights on life.

        2. OK dude keep it up… it’s only you that’s:
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  3. Coincidentally, on March 8th I’m introducing my iPad2 disposal service, which provides owners with an environmentally responsible way of unburdening themselves of this dangerously obsolete device.

      1. and where do those go when they ‘buy’ them back? do they actually recycle, or is it a false economy where they dispose of them and take the hit, SIMPLY to keep you buying their crap, eventually eliminating competition by using their huge wealth to bury them.       anyone?

        1. According to their FAQ, an item will either be stripped for parts and recyclable materials, or depending on its condition resold by a company called PowerOn. You can see the items they’re reselling here:

  4. I meant, like, you can feel feedback from the iPad on your fingers. Through the glass. Like you’d feel the weight of an icon as you drag it. Do they know how to do that yet? Haptics, but not just vibration.

  5. My guess. Siri, a better camera with flash, faster processor, and some integration for using it to stream movies better with a HDMI wireless adapter to control and stream videos to your flat screen from the Ipad (yeah, I know they kinda sorta have that now).  Bascially, trying to make the Ipad the “hub” controler of AppleTV like services.
    Maybe a base station  for TV’s, that would have some memory to store and distribute movies to TV’s around the house.

    The tactical feedback would be nice, but not needed IMHO.

    1. >> The tactical feedback would be nice, but not needed IMHO.

      Beg to differ – Rushkoff’s possibly onto something. The announcement *is* alluding to touch as well as sight, and once Apple solves the technical problem of a tablet surface offering a keyboard experience equivalent to that of a conventional notebook, notebook computing takes one big step towards becoming historical.

  6. If the Apple was a Japanese company, the obvious new product would be: The iToilet.Details:

  7. Fold-able iPad, about the size of a 13″ MacBook Pro, if laid out straight. It bends in the middle, and is completely touch screen with retina display.

    Look at the edge of the iPad in the invite – It’s massively large compared to the edge of the iPad 1 and 2. Also note that there is no HOME button at which can only be assumed to be the bottom of the tablet.

    1.  See that up post “Project 2000” you tube link I posted from Apple’s vision in 1988. They already had a form factor for a folder ‘pad’ in the works with a built in scanner and voice recognition. In their ‘blue sky’ project book.

      And kind clunky 1988 formfactor..but fold-able screen.

  8. It will be a new walking talking iMac that computes, cooks, cleans and takes out the garbage.
    (my old iMac died last month – My original plan was to wait till the likely march roll out of stuff and upgrade. I am happy with my new refurbished one but I wish the old one had held on longer)

  9. Have everybody insufferably underwhelmed – the iPad 2S: just LTE added for selected networks and a RAM boost to give another artificial reason to limit some apps exclusively to the iPad 2S.

    Going to purchase the damn thing anyways. fml

  10. It’ll have an upgraded display, a faster processor…and support for Adobe Flash.

    Also, Apple will demonstrate a special display model — a “one-time iPad,” if you will — that channels the spirit of Steve Jobs through the new iOuija app.

    (Although the app will be commercially available through the app store, only Apple’s special display model will be able to actually contact Steve Jobs. Apple is rumored to have included ideomotors in the new iPad.)

  11. This is a bit of History here. A video by Apple for “Project 2000”

    It included commentaries about what computers should be in the seen from 1988.
    Before internet was really available..and pads and touch screens where not available.
    It envisions pads controlling large screen TV’s…google searches, (with Siri like intelligent agents), fold able pads, voice recognition, ebooks, and integrating a scanner into the a pad device.

    Remember it’s 1988 there’s a big hair warning.

  12. A new port about the size of an SD card, but not actually an SD port, just to screw with everyones minds…

  13. Same form factor? So no one will know at a glance that I’m packing the old and busted? Then I’m good. I’ll sit this one out.

    (I wish I were joking about this being my line of reasoning with Apple products.)

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