Celebrity gift party operator threatens blogger who wrote about it

Gawker's Hamilton Nolan was invited to and attended one of those pre-Oscar parties where celebrities are loaded with luxury gifts. Subsequently, Secret Room Events, the "product placement" outfit concerned, threatened him with a lawsuit for having written about it.

It has come to our attention the Hamilton Nolan has written a very unessessary and hateful article slandering our name and Gawker had released it. This negative article affects our business name greatly. What was written is not true in any way.

Hamilton also named some of our sponsors and slandered them as well. These sponsors also are going to take action as well.

I suggest you remove the article asap. We have contacted our attorney to deal with this. Trust me. I will not let down until this is resolved.

Amy Boatwright
Secret Room Events

Pro tip to debutantes at the Streisand Effect ball: know what "slander" is before threatening the Hamilton Nolan over it. Also, spellcheck!