Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown, one year later: Frontline doc airs tonight on PBS

Airing tonight on PBS Frontline (check your local listings, or watch it online!), a documentary film that provides the definitive inside account of what really happened, moment to moment, during the Fukushima disaster. "Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown" features exclusive interviews for the first time with Japan's prime minster and the top executives at TEPCO.

Tomorrow, Frontline is hosting a chat with the film's producer/director, Dan Edge, and Boing Boing science editor Maggie Koerth-Baker will be participating.

There's a terrific interview with Edge on the public radio program Fresh Air.


  1. Oh wow I’m definitely looking forward to this–I love Frontline documentaries.  To get yourself in the mood here’s a good Chernobyl documentary to watch: 

  2.  Should be interesting. I’ve been curious from the start what sort of damage made it so impossible to get power to the pumps in some form. During the early days I kind of figured large generators would be airlifted in, and hooked up in a hurry. Because after all they would call whatever help was needed from anywhere on earth to avert a meltdown, wouldn’t they? So either I was naive about the resiliency of nuclear power plants in disasters or of the ability of governments to plan for “unthinkable” nuclear contingencies and ask for international help when needed. I’d say both.    

  3. “Inside the worst nuclear disaster of the century,…”
    Huh?Do they mean of the 21st century? We’re only 12 years in, so far, so that’s a bit early.Or do they mean the past 100 years? In which case how do they measure badness such that Fukushima rates as “worse” than Chernobyl? I guess I shall have to wait and see. 

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