Quilts inspired by the Large Hadron Collider


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  1. robotnik says:

    Why is the news that the OPERA results were incorrect disappointing? I’m no physicist, but would that not have thrown quite a wrench in the works of our understanding of the universe?

    • Yes. And that would have been awesome. 

      Here’s the thing: Your average scientist is actually really, really excited when it turns out we don’t understand the universe as well as we thought we did. That kind of failure is not a bug, it’s a feature. Oh, they’ll try like hell to disprove a finding like this, because anything that purports to upend our understanding of the universe needs to be poked and prodded and subjected to every counter-attack possible. But if it stands up to that, and we have to re-write the science textbooks? That’s awesome. 

  2. It’s lovely…what’s causing the 3-D effect with  the white eye shaped piece?

  3. You see Large Hadron Collider, I see Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

  4. Beautiful. I just can’t figure out why I always read it as “hardon”.

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