T-shirt: UFO abducts Bigfoot


8 Responses to “T-shirt: UFO abducts Bigfoot”

  1. Donald Petersen says:

    That image explains a lot.

  2. David Pescovitz says:

    BTW, the seller ShanaLogic.com is a BB advertiser, but this isn’t a sponsored post.

  3. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Abductors gonna abduct.

  4. This reminds me of one of my all-time favorite book covers:

  5. David Pescovitz says:

    That would also make a great t-shirt!

  6. cosmicstu says:

    Awesome, but in a sea of Bigfoot related t-shirts, I think I like this  design better…


  7. jnordb says:

    meh. This pales in comparison to Ramirez’ Albino Bowler…. 

  8. valiant66 says:

    I laughed when I saw this. Here’s the t-shirt I’m wearing right now (it’s for my next-door neighbour’s band, The Bigfoot Rocketship, an all-instrumental surf-rock group). Enjoy:

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