The Story of Sushi, told in video with handcrafted miniatures


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  1. joncro says:

    Wonderful film, but technically not really animated is it?

  2. robdobbs says:

    Is it just my feed or is the audio soundtrack too loud and the voice too quiet? I can barely hear the narrator. Maybe I need a hearing aid.

  3. grimc says:

    Seems like more of a promo for Portlandia than a sushi joint.

  4. Brad H. says:

    I was fully engrossed in the world of miniature. Then that hand swooped in, and I was sent back to my world of big problems, like the big amount of dishes I have to clean up soon.

    Luckily, price keeps me away from seafood for most of the year. But I can’t help myself in summer when I gorge on sashimi and oysters. The fish of which is local and pole-caught and the oysters… well oysters are pretty much the top non-guilt choice, and good for those who don’t eat meat (B12).

  5. Your link for Bamboo Sushi is broken.

  6. chaopoiesis says:

    Embedding “Camptown Races” as a cryptomelody (bycatch sitting at the table scene) seems an odd bit of semiotic meta-commentary in a story about competing “journeys”. Realism with style… place your bets.

  7. Bamboo was the setting for the most epic sushi meal I have ever had, courtesy of my whiskey-swilling, sake-guzzling, high epicurean friends at Outstanding in the Field

  8. jackjackjack says:

    Aw, it doesn’t include a scene with the King of the Ocean- “I have the entire system worked out, starting with boat building,” (Reverend) Moon said”,0,656681.story

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