Monkee Davy Jones, RIP

He was 66. Richard Metzger has more at Dangerous Minds.


  1. No Davy Jones, no Pavel Chekov.   Also, we’d have “David Jones” instead of “David Bowie”, more than likely.

  2. Oh no!  Davy Jones was legendary.  He did more for tambourine playing than Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston did for pop music combined.

  3. RIP, Davy. 66 is always too young, but I guess you could also say he had a fuller life than most. Certainly not my favorite Monkees member, and couldn’t write or play his way out of a paper bag, but had a good voice and seemed like a nice enough guy.

    1. I’d have to agree with all of that. I like most of the Monkees  music they did or didn’t write, but although Davey was a lightweight, he always seemed like a nice enough guy. AND he once kissed Marcia Brady.

  4. I saw their movie “Head” a couple months ago. I was expecting a real train wreck, but it was pretty good.  Of course it was a bit loopy, but they put quite a bit of money into the project, it had a good director, and a “script” by Jack Nicholson.

    Here’s Davie Jones and Frank Zappa (as a music critic) in “Head.” 

    1. I had occasion to work on a Bob Rafelson movie once.  It was kind of hard to believe that he was the same guy who directed and co-wrote Head.  Kind of a sourpuss.

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