Icebound, long-abandoned Communist flying saucer in the cliffs of Bulgaria

Timothy sez, "This is a link to some photos I have took of Buzludzha (pronounced Buz'ol'ja) a very remote building in the Balkan Mountains. It is Bulgaria's largest monument to Communism which was left to ruin after the revolution in 1989. An incredible 70 metre tall, 1970's 'flying saucer' perched precariously in the snow on a ridge at 1500m. Full of beautiful communist mosaic frescos and an amazing central atrium complete with giant golden hammer and sickle. It took 6000 workers 7 years to build. I managed to fly over it in a microlight in mid winter to get some interesting pictures too. Such an amazing place."

Forget Your Past (Thanks, Timothy!)


  1. It’s awesome but it’s falling appart for 22 years now. It’s too remote to be used for anything, just bringing materials up there for renovations will cost too much to be worth it. 

  2. @twitter-97954989:disqus  on the contrary, there is a road leading to it. Once restored it can be used for concerts, parties, exhibitions or made into a giant mall.

    1.  There’s a certain irony, suggesting taking what was arguably a religious icon of economic communism and turning it into a religious icon of economic capitalism…

  3. In a couple of hundred years, these buildings will be the equivalent of the ancient jungle cities of India or Mexico. Explorers will discover them and be amazed by the wonders of this long lost civilization.

  4. I feel like this is a level in a First Person Shooter game I played.

    Or that one level in the movie INCEPTION.

  5. Pictures of this place were floating around photoblogs a few months ago.  Looking awesomely bleak in the snow, it strikes me as a lost opportunity for great Greek film director Theo Angelopoulos, this would have been an ideal setting for a sequence in his epic “Ulysses’ Gaze”.

  6. This may be a dumb question, but am I simply not seeing equivalent grandiose monuments dedicated specifically to the ideology of revolution in democratic or capitalist nations that are somehow state-sponsored?

    I know there’s Mount Rushmore, and there are some fairly impressive structures in Washington DC.  I can’t, off the top of my head, think of any others in the United States outside of the purpose-built capitol city.  It seems like the Communists and Facists both have always gone crazy building megastructures to celebrate themselves or their ideologies, even though the ideologies don’t seem to last.

  7. Wow, looks incredible with the frost. I hope to be that way next year. I’ll take some halva and lukanka up there and have a picnic in the middle of it. 

  8. When they got it into their head and unlimbered the rubber truncheons, commies could really pull off the gigantic edifice, massive dam, or  huge underground military lair.

    But all things decay.  That’s why the intrepid photogs at English-Russia have some of the best photo essays of mouldering Soviet stuff ever.  Love that site

  9. Crazy, I have a colleague at work from Bulgaria. When I emailed her the link to this post, she responded: “Hahaha – This is where I was born. My town is 20 km from that place. We used to play there a lot as kids:) “

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