Map of a notional city whose streetnames come from iconic place-name songs

Ali Johnson sez,

Song Map is a new litho print by Dorothy. The Map is, as its name suggests, made up entirely from song titles: Highway to Hell stretches past Itchycoo Park, Heartbreak Hotel can be found on Alphabet Street and take a left off Penny Lane to find 22 Acacia Avenue. Just like places in our own neighbourhood, some are really good and some are best avoided - remember Love House by Sam Fox? Probably best forgotten.

The print, which was inspired by our own unhealthy obsession with music, is for the ultimate music nerd. It includes an A-Z of all the songs featured on the Map with the names of the artists and bands that sang them. Prints costs £20 each plus P & P and they are available to buy from

We've set up a Playlist on Spotify to accompany the Map at This is a list of 353 of the featured songs that are available on Spotify. It's unedited so it includes some classics as well as some horrors! And one of the songs included on the Map is by a band one of us was in, but we’re not saying which one.

Song Map


14 Responses to “Map of a notional city whose streetnames come from iconic place-name songs”

  1. lovestospoog says:

    Hackney road and Old street roudabout! Woo!

    • Peter McLeod says:

      Yes! But old-school! I knew it all looked familiar, but some things were a bit strange, like the park on City Road. They must have based this on a pretty old map because City Road isn’t there… EDIT: the northwestern arm of City Road, that goes up to Angel, isn’t there. The southern bit (that goes down to the, uh, city), is.

  2. Keith Tyler says:

    I just think there’s so many  missing.. or else I just can’t find them… Blueberry Hill? Alice’s Restaurant?  Nightmare On My Street? This Used To Be My Playground? Our House? Hit The Road Jack?

    • Stitch says:

      I’d be surprised if Our House wasn’t there, I found the House of Fun. This used to to be my Playground is just Northeast of Itchycoo Park.

  3. Evan G. says:

    After the Song Map got a lot of attention when it came out in December, the band Saint Etienne asked Dorothy to do a new map with song titles that fit their influences. It’s on the cover of the Saint Etienne album, coming out in May: 

    The rest of the cover is also great–looks like an old album sleeve. 

  4. Every time I pass Willoughby or Curzon in Hollywood I wonder how many Twilight Zone episodes and Star Trek characters are named after the streets the writers passed on the way to work.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      I could, on a normal day, give directions by telling someone to go to Bob Hope between Frank Sinatra and Dinah Shore. I take Kirk Douglas and Gene Autry every time I go to get groceries.

  5. tyger11 says:

    21 Jump Street theme song

  6. Evan Kelley says:

    It doesn’t look like there’s a part of this town where the streets have no names. They’re all filled in.

    • Joe Fitzsimmons says:

      There’s a street at the bottom of the pic called “Where the Streets Have No Name”.  I agree it would have been funnier just to leave it blank.

  7. Thax says:

    Shouldn’t Heartbreak Hotel be down at the end of Lonely Street?

  8. Avram Grumer says:

    That neighborhood’s sure got a lot of highways going through it. 

  9. obeyken says:

    Where’s Hairway to Steven?

  10. pjcamp says:

    I believe it’s Arnold Layne, not Lane.

    Though, since the street has three different names in as many blocks, I’m guessing the Floyd would let it slide.

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