Scrap rayguns from Clayton Bailey


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  1. Brainspore says:

    IMHO Clayton Bailey’s robot series is an even better indication of his talent—the guns are cool but a pneumatic torque wrench pretty much looks like a retr0 ray gun already! (The pea shooting thing is pretty rad though.)

    My uncle painted a pretty awesome portrait of Mr. Bailey a few years ago. The man’s mustache alone is legendary.

  2. Quibbler says:

    Looks more like a grease gun than a ray gun. Always enjoyed greasing nipples.

  3. Gekko_Gecko says:

    “They’re gorgeous and entirely nonlethal”

    non-lethal, unless you happen to point one at a cop and end up being quickly shot to death.

  4. Finnagain says:

     So, a lot like a Terrifying Wallet?

    When I was a wee teen, we ran all over town playing Killer. Today, we would all be shot dead within a day.

  5. Ipo says:


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