Dosing cats with Uncle Sam

Over on Submitterator, frycook keeps finding these amazing/horrible old U.S. Army newsreels. He or she has posted some great stuff, including this gem, in which the chemical corps tests psychoactive substances on a cat while the narrator cheerfully natters about the strategic military benefits of hallucinogens.

Video Link


  1. Little did they know that the cat didn’t react at all!  

    It was the mice that gained superpowers, including invulnerability, super strength and whiskers that gave high-voltage shocks.

    The cat reacted accordingly.

  2. hmmmpphhhhh !!!! cat nip for cats , people nip for people !!!!

    play !!! every domesticated kittie knows , food comes from cans and bags ,

    mousies are for play !!!

  3. Really?  Then maybe it’d be worth someone’s time to do a Tuskegee syphilis experiment/olde tyme music mashup for everyone to guiltily laugh at too.   Yay, science.

  4. Do yourself a favor, go find “Bad Trip to Edgewood”  .  It’s this same subject matter, but on human military volunteers.  Originally a BBC docu, It’s was reworked for an AMC “Investigative Reports” with Bill Curtis  episode.   It’s forbidden from the airwaves now, but long ago, a realaudio rip was made.  There’s the BBC version, but the audio is bad. 

  5. Just give it to the enemy?  Maybe we should give acid to the entire human race to end all wars?

  6. I remember going through basic training with the army. they showed us a film where they gave a goat nerve agent and then give it atropine as an antidote. The screen goes dark. That’s when we all yelled “get a new goat.” and lo and behold, the goat was cured!

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