Papercraft, wall-hung 3D space invader sprites

Jeff sez, "We like to be prepared for an alien invasion...Nerf guns loaded, extra rations of nachos packed away, and a Klingon dictionary in the back pocket. Unfortunately, such preparations tend to be forgotten in the routine of day-to-day life. As a subtle reminder, we created giant, 3-D, papercraft Space Invaders on our walls, and just so everyone is prepared, we show you how to build your own. Enjoy."

Build 3-D Papercraft Space Invaders (Thanks, Jeff!)


    1. Brilliant idea!

      I’m going to print off a shitload of copies of your comment and deliver them to everyone in my neighborhood to spread the word.

  1. When I read “nerf guns” I thought these were going to be targets, and when each pixel is hit with a nerf dart it’s designed to fall off the wall. I haven’t used a nerf gun since I was 14, but I think that kind of (self-destructing, reusable) target would be pretty cool.

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