Pulp Shakespeare

"I dare thee, say 'What?' again." [Pulp Bard via JWZ]


    1.  Yes, and apparently some people managed to snag a copy of the whole play, in PDF form, before it was shut down…

  1. Seems the script came from a collaborative project http://pulpbard.wikispaces.com/Compilation-Bard+Fiction+Performance

  2. Hi there, I’m one of the writers of the original 2009 script, Bard Fiction. We’ve made our own expansion of the script to a full length play which will be performing in Chicago, opening March 16th for those with an interest!

  3. Hey, nice! We premiered that (titled “Bard Fiction”) at the MN Fringe in 2009! I played Jules and The Ghost (Christopher Walken). I loved the crap out of that show. SO fun.

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