Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls, Sublime Frequencies) interviewed about outernational music


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  1. pupdog says:

    On first read of the headline, I was expecting these guys:

    Pretty cool, I know what I’m going to be digging into this weekend.

  2. Princess Nicotine was first on LP in the early/mid 90s (black and white picture collage cover). As far as I remember, it was the first Sublime Frequencies type release from SCG.

  3. Andrew Rockefeller says:

    I’m pretty sure that owning 3 Sun City Girls albums qualifies me for an early retirement at the New Bedlam mental hospital.

  4. SedanChair says:

    A collage of radio broadcasts? I guess we’ll never see creativity like that again, given the growth of the ever-ravening copyright beast.

  5. Navin_Johnson says:

    Not much to add except a virtual fist-bump for fellow SCG fans.

  6. goopy says:

    The woman on that album cover sang classic songs and was popular among older generation. Now, she is in exile because of political song she rendered few years before. If my memory serves me right, she is currently working at VOA.

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