Cthulhoid jello salad

Write-Light dug up this insane, multi-limbed lobster jello salad for the Vintage Ads LJ group. It originally appeared in the Davis Gelatine Recipe Book.

The Call of Cthulhull-o


  1. I wonder how hard it would be to recreate this monstrosity. Does it require anything currently unavailable, like Haddock flavored Jell-O?

    It would be fun to spring it on unsuspecting friends.

  2. The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its jello salad ingredients.

  3. How many years before the sculptural creations of Cake Boss will be (properly) regarded with this level of disdain and disgust? Fondant is an unspeakable batrachian blasphemy.

  4. What’s really REALLY funny is that when this ad came out…people actually thought this was an appropriate use for Jello and would serve THIS at a business dinner….erk…

  5. My brother and I were at a party of one of my parent’s friends, with a holiday buffet.  Innocent looking jello mold, we each had a piece.  In the fruit flavored jello, in addition to fruit was a large piece of gefilte fish.  The horror…

  6. What’s wrong with these people?   What’s so wrong with lobster that you have to mask/mould/lose its character by combining it with gelatine? 

    Lobster tastes perfect all by itself.

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