Sax-playing gorilla at your party

There's little provenance for this photo and the distinctive service offered therein (just a note that it was "donated" by Andrew Wightman), but it appears to date back some while. I don't suppose musical gorillas are still on offer in this hurly-burly modern age.

My kind of party. Donated from Illustrator extraodinaire and friend of the waves Andrew Wightman.


  1. “I had decided not to hire the gorilla saxophonist, until I found out he came with balloons!”

    1.  Yes.  I hired a bunch of sax-playing guerillas for my buddy’s birthday party.  Very bad decision: they immediately set up an armed perimeter, interrogated everyone, and left muddy combat boot prints everywhere.  The music was pretty good though, they played most of The Clash’s “Sandinista” and “Combat Rock” albums.

      1. The highlight was their finale (well worth the cavity search) when they played a raucus version of Roland the Headless Thompson Gunnerinto an accapella blues version of Guerilla my Dreams.

  2. Actually, the way I read the sign, it says the Saxophone plays the Gorilla.  Now that’s something I’d like to see.

    1. Sorry, but it would have to say “gorilla-playing saxophone” for the sax to be playing the ape. “Gorilla playing saxophone” is correct for having the ape playing the sax. It’s the same difference as “I saw a man eating shark” versus “I saw a man-eating shark.”

  3. “Yeah – uh – can I hire you sax playing gorilla even though I don’t have a party?”

    “Sir, any where you have a sax playing gorilla instantly becomes a party.”

  4. I think I’d rather give them the backyard and 200 pre-made water balloons on a July afternoon.

  5. Too funny.  I can verify that said grammatically confused sax-toting gorilla was still giggin’ in Toledo, Ohio several years ago.  My brother and I actually hired this guy to visit my dad at a bar called Lenny’s as a “Sorry, we forgot your birthday” present!  My pop was quite pleased and mortified all at once!

  6. Interesting idea, playing saxophone with balloons.  But I don’t think the latex would give proper embouchure.  

  7. Well, you young people laugh, because gorillas of any kind are so rare now, but back in the day, in Eugene, Oregon, you could hire a troupe of tap-dancing gorillas to jump out of a wedding cake. You could have the Easter Gorilla come to your house and leave baskets of fruit (including bananas, of course) and chocolate for the kids. You could even hire Santa Gorilla, though I don’t know that anybody ever did.

      1.  I would say that there’s no difference between the two, but as a brass player (euphonium) I surely am biased.

    1. I did the same thing. I was really hoping to find a review or two attached to some of the directory listings but no luck. Tempted to call to get a quote on a visit by the gorilla. 

  8.  Interesting to see that there is an ecological niche in today’s business environment suitable for the continued survival of Sasquatch. 

  9. I’ve never heard the song “Saxophone With Balloons” but if it has a good beat and you can dance to it…

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