Meet Japanese "human beatboxer" Hikakin (and prepare to be blown away by his video game theme remakes)

Video Link to a short feature on the very popular "human sound machine" Hikakin, who has a growing following within and beyond his native Japan. His YouTube channel is here, and well worth a subscribe. Below, his take on the Donkey Kong theme song.


  1. It’s never the sounds they make that impress me; but the ability to make so many at once.  Although I assume it’s mostly clever timing and there probably aren’t too many simultaneous noises, but it just doesn’t compute in my hearing-brain-bit.

  2. Doesn’t hold a candle to Andre Gagnon, who did things like sing all of the parts in “We Are The World”.  He did a killer motorboat impression too.

    1. Ah, cool, but it’s like comparing Coca Cola to Pizza.
      That’s not exactly beatboxing.

  3. Mr. Hikakin – we have Michael Winslow and Bobby McFerrin on lines 1 and 2.   They would like to ask you to a beatboxing duel.

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