Woman treated after pop tart attack

A Lycoming County woman was treated recently for injuries sustained from being slapped with a pop tart. The Muncy resident, 51, was involved in a "verbal altercation" with her 11-year-old son, during which he struck her with the rectangular, pre-baked toaster pastry. [hyprstryke via Copyranter and This Isn't Happiness]


  1. One entire panel of the Pop-Tart box is devoted to safety warnings, yet this situation was not covered.  weird.

  2. The “pre-baked” part is weird. They are all “pre-baked”. Some may think this means that it was cold, not hot out of the toaster.

    A toaster’s elements can reach 1100-1200 degrees. There’s not much air to heat in a toaster. Browning starts at 310 degrees. Now imagine 250 degree plus frosting and lavafied sugary syrup melting into your skin. She definitely got second degree burns, and may have a scar. 

    Plus, we don’t know if the 11 year old was bigger than his mother. You may not want to have a kid when you’re that age, you might not be able to defend yourself. Something to consider.

    1. I absolutely get that straight out of the toaster pop tarts are definately hot enough to burn a persons skin and could cause scaring and that is definately unfortunate.  But when we have kids having food fights with lunches consisting of french fries boiled in oil or baked in the oven, burgers, pizza or whatever and someone gets hurt, are we really going to have them arrested.  I don’t care if they are bigger than me.  If my 21 yr old did that to me because of anger or just messing around I am not going to have him arrested.  We all say or do things we regret during a heated situation no matter with whom.  Let’s consintrate on the people out there that are causing real criminal acts and deal with our own children in an adult mature way and let the police get the real domestic abusers off the street. 

  3. The need for medical attention doesn’t surprise me. Right out of that toaster, the fruity filling is like napalm.  I managed to get some on my hand once, burning me instantly- and I had to scrape it off vigorously or it would have continued doing so.

  4. Not having eaten pop tarts in decades, and even when doing so, having not had them heated so that they couldn’t be eaten straight out of the warming device, I’m glad that you commenters have explained about pop tarts that are heated to beyond human tolerance. Else I would have been completely mystified by this story.

      1. Then I feel safe you slapping me in the face with one. 

        OH! You got candy sprinkles in my eye!

  5. “MOM! I told you I want REAL FOOD, I’m dying for God’s Sake!”

    “You eat your pop-tarts and NO mistake young man!”

    “MOM! Coach said fat isn’t good enough to make the team!”

    “If you don’t want your pop-tart you can have Chee-tos instead, young man! Is that what you want?”

    *Pop-tart SLAP

    -from the Kellogs CA site:

    After discovering that many Canadians don’t get enough fibre, Kellogg increased the fibre in many of our most popular cereals – including Kellogg’s* Froot Loops* cereal. Kellogg Canada has more ready-to-eat cereals that are AT LEAST a source of fibre than any other food company.

    Caps on AT LEAST are mine.

  6. If I made a joke about a “tart” getting “popped” one, would you guys tear me apart for referring to a woman as a tart or making light of domestic abuse?

  7. She should switch to glazed donuts. They have the same nutritional benefit but come without the sharp edges!

  8. Thanks to all posters above who knew to capitalize brand names, unlike the ‘journalist’ and his/her ‘editor’ in the article.

    1. Oh yeah thanks eh, all ye posters that did that ye have my thanks eh? Imma file a DMCA for this failing of the “‘journalist’ and their ‘editor’, bitches love a DMCA, got to show tha’ respect fo’ ol’ man Kellog’s yo. 

      Now I will beatbox for you: PSHAW- PFF, PSHAW- PFF, BU-BU Bitches betta have muh pastries UH Bitches betta have muh pastries UH BFFA BFFA BU BU BU

    1. 2012 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code 941.27
      Blisters, epidermal loss [second degree] of forehead and cheek

  9. Ooh, ooh, ooh, want to learn how to defend yourself against hot pastries, do we? Getting all high and mighty, eh?

  10. I still have a 2 inch scar on my forearm where a semi-flaming pop tart landed when I was about 13.  Though the scar was mostly caused by trying to remove the liquid hot magma frosting and accidentally removing most of my skin.  

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