Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, The "L" Brothers, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5,The Funky 4 Plus 1

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  1. Love love _love_ this series.  One of the best things I’ve seen done with a comic format ever.

      1. Classic.  The L Brothers have some seriously dope beats…but GF has that polished flow.  All good…

      2. Man, that first break is hitting!  The distortion from the live sound/crappy recording actually makes the bass sound better (and probably by design, no doubt.)  It sounds familiar when the synth bit comes in, but I can’t place it.  Dexter Wansell?  Anyone know?

        edit: found reference to it in the YT comments. It is a group called Manzel’s “Space Funk.” and yes, the bass on the battle tape is far superior to the original.

  2. Here to chime in with my Respect for the historical revelation: ‘keep on, ya don’t stop…’

    1.  Ut! Apparently, like Kid Creole, shared a stage name with a much-better-known artist.

  3.  Gotta say I love this. Puts it all in perspective. Kids bused in from the freedmen’s settlement used to play all this stuff in the central mall at my huuuge high school in the NW Houston area. Real black cowboys from the edge of the county used to do a boot scoot two-step to Grandmaster Flash and Mellie Mel . I was beginning to take an interest in this music and study its history. But soon hip-hop became the preferred music of white upper class jocks. So I abandoned the project of learning about this music. I was solid working class, and relied on the Nerd/Stoner/Freak alliance for protection. I am happy that I now get to learn about the history of this music.

    BTW, I think a good solution to bullying is to have HUGE high schools, 3000+ students. Everyone can find a coalition or tribe strong enough to protect them.

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