Toy Shining: Toy Story meets The Shining

Illustrator Kyle Lambert set out to create a storyboard for a mashup of Toy Story and The Shining, calling the result Toy Shining.

Earlier this year I began following Lee Unkrich, the director of Toy Story 3) on Twitter (@leeunkrich). As well as his journey to the Oscars with Toy Story 3, Lee often tweets about his passion for Stanley Kubrick and the movie The Shining which inspired him to pursue a career in filmmaking. Having seen both The Shining and Toy Story 3 for the first time recently myself, I thought it would be cool idea to mash the two movies together as a fun side project.

It started off with a few notes on a post-it describing how the two movies could be combined and quickly grew into a 25 panel storyboard. Once I had sketched each composition I set about painting the panels with my iPad using the Brushes app. The project took around 2 months to complete in my spare time from idea to the finished storyboard.

Coincidently, towards the end of the project I was invited to visit the Pixar Studio for the day by one of their artists Don Shank and thought it would be a great opportunity to deliver a printed version of the project to Lee in person.

Kyle Lambert | Gallery | Toy Shining (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


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  1. lovelystrangeness says:

    I am reminded of the excellent Toy Story as Requiem for a Dream trailer:

  2. alex w says:


  3. bbonyx says:

    My favorite scene in the movie, the unforgettable (Panel 8) “THURSDAY”.

    I was also lucky enough to see the blood/elevator (Panel 4) trailer in the theater as a child. Silent. Nothing but a wave of blood pouring out of the elevators, shoving the lobby furniture around. We were simultaneously terrified and couldn’t *wait* to sneak into that one next.

  4. spacemunky says:

    Heeeeere’s Woody!

  5. Art says:

    I love the,  “Hello, Lloyd!”  “Kinda’ slow tonight, isn’t it?” panel.

    The artist even has the accurate up-lighting:)

  6. Tice says:

    If you like that, you probably enjoy that:

    It´s´a collage with the same original scenes from The Shining! : )

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