Trailer for Naomi Novik's new Temeraire novel, Crucible of Gold


6 Responses to “Trailer for Naomi Novik's new Temeraire novel, Crucible of Gold

  1. Francis Delaney says:

    These books are so good. I’ve listened to them all in audio form and Simon Vance does a fantastic job. I do hope they get him for this one as well.

  2. ryuchi says:

    Nicely textured warm visuals and lowpass filter sound!

  3. Rick Westerman says:

    I am afraid I am going to disagree.  While I find the Temeraire idea to be interesting and while I enjoyed the first couple of books, I couldn’t even get through the last one (“Eagles”) before the library called up reminding me to return it.   Perhaps because I have read other Napoleonic fiction it is making it hard to enjoy her take on the Napoleonic era.  Also the logic of how the dragons move and fight, the increasing numbers of them that are available and how they would integrate into a world of wooden ships and iron men seems to be contrary to my perceptions of “real life.”  I dropped one of my bilbophile friends into the middle of the series — I think it was book three — and he was all ‘meh’ on me about it.  That may also be coloring my opinion.

    Ah well, there has to be at least one wet blanket in every crowd.  Guess I am it for today.  :-)

    • Talia says:

      Why on earth would you start your friend on book three of a series? That doesn’t make much sense. It’s like starting someone on ‘Return of the King’ of LOTR. Heh. No wonder your friend was ‘Meh’ about it.

      The ‘Temeraire’ series is one of my all-time favorites. I discovered it last summer, read all six prior books in the space of a couple weeks then waited impatiently for ‘Crucible,’ which I finished in a day. IMHO the series is absolutely outstanding and the latest installment is wonderful. Imaginative, exciting, likeable characters – everything I enjoy in fiction. 

      I recall reading somewhere that Peter Jackson has optioned the rights for the series (0r maybe just the first book), which is terribly exciting to me.

      • Rick Westerman says:

        My first two books were on an e-reader. My third book was a paper copy.  Guess which one is the most easy to lend?  

        Besides, the series isn’t like LOTR.  In LOTR the books built up to an finale thus reading the last book can ruin the suspense.   Temeraire is more like a ongoing saga.  Potentially a person could hop in anywhere and then go forwards or backwards through the story.

  4. Total guilty pleasure! Can’t wait!

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