US Video Premiere: Here We Go Magic "Make Up Your Mind"

(Video Link) Behold a terrifying new video for Here We Go Magic's new song "Make Up Your Mind".  I'm not sure what's going on in here, but I'm positive I don't want it to happen with me. Please note that the video contains lots of ladies in distress in their underpants. Don't watch it if that bothers you.

Here We Go Magic are an intense and riveting live band.  They're on tour in the US and UK right now and the show is worth seeing if they are in your town.  Their excellent new album A Different Ship hits on May 8.


  1. Creepy and misogynistic video – and maybe this band is exciting live, but the music seemed meh.

  2. I´m not terribly offended but this whole thing just sucks.

    The video, leaving aside any ethical concerns, starts out moderately interesting and then shows the same scenes as in the first 30 seconds for over 4 minutes. It gets boring after about a minute and then stays that way.

    The music doesn´t impress me either. Minimalist electropop that has been done a thousand times before and a thousand times better.

    1. I almost completely agree with you.  Music and video too repetitive, but video far more so than the music.  I’ve made a mental note to try listing to them with my browser minimised.

      Also, why are *all* these women in the *same* state of undress?   I’m afraid I’ve had a Willing Suspension of Disbelief Failure.

    2. Yes — that video sure conspicuously fails to develop.  The whole trashy-edgy-misogyny thing, coupled with not taking the idea anywhere, kind of screams “undergrad film school project.”

  3. Yuck!  I tend to prefer Luke Temple’s solo albums (esp. Snowbeast) to HWGM and that rule certainly seems to extend to their videos.

    Here you go, magic chaser:

  4. So this is OK (and noteworthy on BB) if some hipster-darling “artist” graphically depicts it, but reprehensible if a talk radio blowhard *talks* about it? Major double standard thing going on here

    1. So this is OK (and noteworthy on BB) if some hipster-darling “artist” graphically depicts it, but reprehensible if a talk radio blowhard *talks* about it? Major double standard thing going on here.

      This is a video depicting government-funded contraception? Wow! Who would have thunk it!

      But yea, it involves women, so it must be the same.

    2. Not that I think this is terrible connected to Rush Limbaugh, except in the misogyny department, but I’m pretty used to misogyny only being bad when the other guys are doing it. Of course, this seems to be true with a lot of “-ism”s

  5. You have to admit it would be fun to be able to give people orgasms with comically emphatic gestures.

    1.  I believe I saw that movie on late night Cinemax back in the mid 90’s.  But the guy involved was abducted by aliens and given the power.  Plus the women seemed to enjoy it a lot more than the ones in this video.

      1.  If it was a video involving a guy driving through suburbia giving housewives orgasms with a wave of his hand, That would be interesting.

  6. I don’t care for the video, and the music reminds me of Steely Dan meets Oingo Boingo. I think I’d rather listen to either than this.

  7. It needed to become progressively more creepy David Cronenberg style, like with frothing at the mouth (which is quite amazing if you’ve ever seen it happen).

  8. I guess I can understand why the video isn’t getting much love, but I will say unequivocally that HWGM is one of my all time favorite bands, and one of the best of the last few years (in my opinion, obviously)… both live and recorded. I don’t think this song is necessarily representative of their style, so I would recommend giving another listen to any of their full albums. Luke Temple’s solo work is amazing, too. I can’t wait for the new album, and to see them again live in May.

  9. i kept waiting for the Rob Halford wannabe to break into Devo’s “Whip It”   but it never happened.     and while I usually like images of cute chicks in their underpants?   this just made me feel old and disconnected.     :P

  10. This just plain sucked. The music’s boring and repetitive. The video somehow manages to be both violently misogynistic and boring. Banal – that’s the word.

    Violent misogyny can be an effective technique (as can any painful subject) when you’ve got something to say. This doesn’t. It’s awfully tempting to psychoanalyse the creator here.

      1. It’s always good to find someone (with impeccable taste, clearly) whose opinion mirrors your own…


  11. Decent band, terrible video, made me think of people having devastating stokes, couldn’t even watch more than 30 seconds.

    1.  Reminded me of epileptic seizures, which I think was the point. After you’ve seen one or two you have no urge to see them, ever.

    1. I can’t speak for anybody else, but I’m not offended. I think the work is without merit and I suspect the creator has some serious issues with women that don’t speak well for his future happiness, but it takes a lot more than that to offend me.

  12. Ah, yes…the ol’ “our song sucks, so let’s make a video with half naked girls in distress” switcharoo!

  13. the video could be improved by;

    – adding men for victim equality

    – varying the states of undress

    – evolving from boring to panic, preferably with vomit

    – surprise ending

    changing the music to  ‘smack my bitch up’

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