Here comes the sun: solar storm heading for Earth, communications disruptions expected


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  1. Spikeles says:

    For those interested, the NOAA keeps a page with the current space weather.
    And scales for describing the possible effects.

  2. Sirkowski says:

    First Andrew Breitbart, now this. Coincidence?

  3. Hay, and has great photos, sun/cme/spot information, and near-earth asteroid info.

  4. bolamig says:

    The pornoscanners will now be more powerful and still less than solar radiation.

  5. billstewart says:

    Does anybody have a good site that shows the Auroral Oval, or other predictions about how far south the aurora will be visible in Western North America?  Normally carries a NASA-generated image, but the NASA site has been down for a week for IT upgrades.

  6. Eark_the_Bunny says:

    This is another silly hoax like global harming and will cauzzzzze  enknee promble,ms woth commmmunciations at all.  I say humm mush flizz blank #VHHRSA~~~???

  7. JhmL says:

    These news always make me think of Nick Cage running and black stones levitating upwards.

  8. SomeDude says:

    This has got to be because of global warming.

  9. Jebediah says:

    Will the storms be visible? It might be because of where I live, but I have a difficult time seeing the sun at night. 

  10. Enung Martina says:

    Maybe solar storms will occur one day in the future.
    Most importantly how we see life from different sides wisely.

  11. citizen says:

    A communications disruption can mean only one thing…

  12. Colin Hall says:

    I don’t care about any sun storm technology disruption because I only use Linux systems and they’re not afraid of anything ;-)

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