Here comes the sun: solar storm heading for Earth, communications disruptions expected

The largest solar storm in five years is heading toward us, and may disrupt some airline flights and communications systems over the next few days.

The Guardian quotes a NASA official: "Solar storms have three ways they can disrupt technology on Earth: with magnetic, radio and radiation emissions. This is an unusual situation when all three types of emissions are likely to be strong."

More details on the solar phenomenon at NASA, with images and a cool video created from Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) data.

Related coverage: Washington Post,, Boston Globe.


  1. Does anybody have a good site that shows the Auroral Oval, or other predictions about how far south the aurora will be visible in Western North America?  Normally carries a NASA-generated image, but the NASA site has been down for a week for IT upgrades.

  2. This is another silly hoax like global harming and will cauzzzzze  enknee promble,ms woth commmmunciations at all.  I say humm mush flizz blank #VHHRSA~~~???

  3. Will the storms be visible? It might be because of where I live, but I have a difficult time seeing the sun at night. 

  4. Maybe solar storms will occur one day in the future.
    Most importantly how we see life from different sides wisely.

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