HOWTO read gang tags and disses on LA streets


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  1. thezarray says:

    Tagging: physical location tweets.

  2. Tony Pierce says:

    Thanks for the love Xeni!!

  3. imag says:

    I feel tremendously grateful for not having to grow up in one of these areas.  

  4. howaboutthisdangit says:

    Territorial pissings.

  5. Charles Richter says:

    I see the secret symbol–to the right of the ‘s’ is the District of Columbia flag, but tilted to the orientation of the geography of the District, thereby indicating the shop owner’s support of DC statehood.  Very subtle indeed.

  6. phisrow says:

    I can practically see the LAPD proposal for a ‘Human Terrain Team’ system being drawn up…

  7. InstantPants says:

    “HOWTO read gang tags and disses on LA streets”

    Answer:  without slowing down.

  8. dnebdal says:

    That’s really quite interesting – even if I’m glad I won’t get much mileage out of it.

  9. Teller says:

    Grew up not far from there. Don’t miss it.

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