More on the Supreme Court ruling forcing FBI to turn off 3,000 GPS trackers


10 Responses to “More on the Supreme Court ruling forcing FBI to turn off 3,000 GPS trackers”

  1. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    As he walked away from the podium Director Muellerwas overheard muttering something about how the GPS trackers places on the vehicles of the Justices had not lead to anything they could use to leverage a ruling in their favor.

  2. tbeckett says:

    What’s so damned hard about getting a warrant before using a tracking device?

  3. phisrow says:

    That was, actually, surprisingly restrained by the standards of the “But the rule of law means tying the hands of our brave troops while terrorists murder your children!!!” school of whining…

    In other news: FBI director, despite years in law enforcement, apparently sees no irony in complaining about how inconvenient it is to obey the law.

  4. fadetomute says:

    what about their requisitioning gps data from ‘smart car’ devices provided by car makers and aftermarket providers?

  5. Itsumishi says:

    What the quote above would have sounded like if reading the thoughts of Mr Mueller:
    “Trackers enabled us to utilize resources elsewhere, so it is going have an impact on the work that we do but of course we will of course be more sneaky about using them and pretend to comply with the ruling.” 

  6. Why do they have to just stop? Why do they not have to go to prison for their breaches of the Constitution? Can I get the same benefit if I break the law? This country needs to stop coddling criminals, and throw some FBI ass in jail.

  7. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    He is also probably cranky that they are going to have to give up the team building trip to 6 Flags so they can afford to track down all the GPS trackers they can’t remember where they put….

  8. Petzl says:

    Always amazed when Scalia does the right thing.  But then he’s historically been known to show some respect for civil rights.  I give the guy props.  Never expect any ruling resembling independent thought from the likes of the Roberts/Alito/Thomas hivemind.

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