Video: In Syrian hospital, doctors torture patients brought in from protests


6 Responses to “Video: In Syrian hospital, doctors torture patients brought in from protests”

  1.  Really? Being a Union Carbide exec doesn’t pay?

  2. Purplecat says:

    I think they’ve lost the right to call themselves doctors there.

    • phisrow says:

      Their technique does seem rather amateurish for people who are supposed to have expert professional knowledge of the human body and its function… 

      Just beating helpless detainees is cop stuff. 

      • DeargDoom says:

        One doctor poured alcohol over the pubic area of a fifteen year old boy and then set it on fire.

        Slightly more sophisticated than cop stuff but to be fair cops are beginning to raise their game.

  3. Kimmo says:

    /speechless with outrage

  4. Deidzoeb says:

    Is this one of those areas where providing first aid or health care to protesters or dissidents is a crime? (See also Captain Blood by Raphael Sabatini, whose original crime is treating a man wounded in the wrong side of a civil war or rebellion.)

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