Video: Rush Limbaugh's Seventy Sexist Smears

ThinkProgress Video put together a supercut video capturing no fewer than 70 recent examples of Rush Limbaugh's repulsive and hateful obsession with Sandra Fluke. "She's having so much sex, it's amazing she can still walk!"


  1. Why do I want to sit through five minutes of hearing that gasbag? Enough on him, let’s hear more about who’s kicking him to the curb. I’m done re-living the initial insult; he’s taken enough time from us already. 

      1.  For those of us who’ve read about it, posting to Boing Boing seems a bit like picking open an old scab at this point. I can’t imagine what it’s like for Ms. Fluke, who’s got to go through each day seeing her name highlighted on just about every single news source. Seriously, there are enough ways to find out all the nasty things he’s said and done, in visual, audio, and written forms. Boing Boing doesn’t need to give this jerk another 15 minutes of fame.

        1.  Uhm, we be trying to end the career of a hateful gasbag.  I would bet Ms. Fluke is enjoying watching rush come undone.

  2. Awesome, I was just saying in the other thread how a clip of Rush flipping apecakes about Fluke would stand next to a clip of the Maher example people keep trotting out.

    Let me say then, BAM.

    Now someone who cares more about proving a point rather than speculating on it can post a clip of Maher 

  3. And here I thought this might be a “greatest hits” from his shows of the past couple of years – it’s 70 little shots of ignorant bile just on one issue, against one civilian. 

    Still, it has a beat, and you can dance to it …

  4. Towards the end, Mr. Viagra outs himself as equating each sexual encounter with the need to take a pill. He says something to the effect, “She’s having so much sex, she can’t afford all the pills!” The pill is still a once a day thing I’m assuming. In his world, you need a pill each time you do it.

    1. He’s effectively right, since each time he has sex it’s with a different child. Forced prostitution may be a subculture, but they don’t share endocrine systems.

    2. Yyyyyyyeah, I’m pretty sure Rush Limbaugh has no idea how oral contraceptives work, and even if you explained it to him patiently, he’d continue to spit vitriolic comments about the women who take them. This is why America needs health class in high schools, folks.

    3.  Limbaugh probably knows how the Pill works.

      I bet most of his listeners know, too.

      But his schtick isn’t truth, accuracy, and fair reporting, it’s what Stephen Colbert calls “truthiness,” which is more about appeal to resentment, fear, and smugness. The momentary appearance of fact is all that is necessary.

      By the time anyone calls him on it . . . well, he’ll have move on to another set of factoids. Move on, never look back, no regrets.

      1. I meant to imply that it was more Freudian. Not that he doesn’t know how the pill works, but that his slip up was more about himself – and maybe his misplaced anger?

  5. Ach. Couldn’t make it all the way through that. I tried, but just couldn’t do it. 

    He’s the sloppy, smelly, big flopping Id of American masculinity. Maybe some good will come out of airing it out so much in public lately. 


    Another proud and slutty femina . . . Ach. Can’t finish that either.

  6. Sometimes I fantasize that whatever dark secret this guy and his non-prescription Viagra left in the Dominican Republic, it will come back to claim his vile, hateful soul.

  7. It is a real shame Rush Limbaugh does not have the good graces to follow the excellent example recently set by Andrew Breitbart.

  8. I wonder if we’ve got this all wrong. Perhaps he was so overawed by this smart, eloquent woman that he simply fell in love on the spot and is responding in the only way he knows how – like an 8 year old boy! Nothing else could explain this level of vitriol and obsession.

  9. Is it just me or does anyone else look at him and wonder what happens when you stick a taser on a cochlear  implant?
    I know doing violence to him would be a bad thing, but part of me just wants to see him on the ground screaming in pain.

    1. I think it’s because he *has* to take a pill in order to get and sustain an erection that’s causing him so much existential grief.  Unfortunately for civilized people, he voices his petty jealousies with copious amounts of projection and transference wrapped in a veneer of vitriol. 

  10. That’s a bit harsh. ‘three times a day…we’re talking sex addict levels.’

    We all know that only weirdos have sex daily.

  11. Wow, that really highlights the psychology behind a man who is so. bothered. by the fact that women have sex.  He can’t stand that all those “slutty” women didn’t choose to have sex with him.  He’s so deep in denial that he mentions that women weren’t like that when he was in school.  News Flash, Rush, women have been having sex for hundreds of thousands of years.  It’s kind of why we’re here now, in fact. 

  12. Did they cut out the rest of the statement?
    “They’re having so much sex…while I have so little”

  13. This *should* put to rest the comparisons some conservatives are making between Limabugh’s statements and jokes made by Bill Maher or David Letterman : one  off-color joke told by a professional comedian about a public figure is miles away from repeated and mean-spirited slander of someone you don’t even know anything about.

  14. I occasionally listen to him so I can “know the enemy”.  This is his everyday method. He’ll run a single point right into the ground.  I read somewhere “Rush Limbaugh – so many words to say so little.”  He treats dittoheads like they’re idiots…Oh, right.

  15. Reminds me of an old joke –
    What’s the difference between the Hindenburg and Rush Limbaugh?
    One’s a flaming Nazi Gasbag and the other is a Dirigible.

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