Anonymous rocked by revelation that top LulzSec hacker was FBI snitch

Quinn Norton has an excellent piece over at Wired:Threat Level on the reactions within "Anonymous" to the news that LulzSec frontman "Sabu" (photo above) was collaborating with the FBI. Kim Zetter's take on the arrests and secret plea deals is here.


  1. Wired was the magazine that helped put Bradley Manning in jail.   It would be nice if no one would talk with them anymore, they’ve made it pretty clear they are with the bad guys.

  2. sooo…. all that lulz hacking was actually the FBI.  Maybe his handlers should be going to jail?  

    1. Yeah, I want to know what Stratfor has to say about this: “So, uh, Mr FBI Man, you provided a computer that allowed all our stolen correspondence to be posted to Wikileaks? Can you remind me exactly which side you guys are on, again?”

  3. I love how much time the FBI puts into convincing people to break the law only to arrest them for breaking that law.

    1.  The FBI spends far too much time creating crimes to justify their own existence. I’m sure a large number of them are doing a great job, but they really need to do some house cleaning.

  4. Stratfor’s definition of the FBI seems apposite: aka the Downtown Gang. Very good a breaking up used car rings. Kind of confused on anything more complicated. Fun to jerk with. Not fun when they jerk back.


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