Canadian censor board gives Bully doc an all-ages PG rating

Last week, I wrote about the controversy entailed by the R-rating the MPAA has given to the documentary Bully, effectively putting it outside the reach of most of the young people it addresses. Now the film censor board in British Columbia has given the film an all-ages PG rating, calling the MPAA's judgment into question.

“Last night, I learned of the B.C. board’s decision to grant Bully a PG-rating. I am thrilled that kids of all ages can now join their parents, teachers, social work advocates and leaders to bring about change for this deeply important cause,” Hirsch said Wednesday in a statement.

'Bully' Doc Gets PG-Rating in Canada, Despite MPAA's R-Rating Stateside (Thanks, Antinous!)


      1. Man, it must be really hard to stomach that today’s fascists speak English as their native language.

    1. Technically the MPAA is a non-governmental organization that has no legal authority to stop anyone from making or distributing a movie. (Note I said “technically,” in practice they can get theaters blacklisted from mainstream movie distribution.) That makes it kind of tricky to get them on issues of Constitutionality.

          1. from RICO wiki: 

            On August 31, 2010, eleven defendants were indicted on RICO charges for allegedly assisting AccessHealthSource, a local health care provider, in obtaining and maintaining lucrative contracts with local and state government entities in the city of El Paso, Texas, “through bribery of and kickbacks to elected officials or himself and others, extortion under color of authority, fraudulent schemes and artifices, false pretenses, promises and representations and deprivation of the right of citizens to the honest services of their elected local officials” (see indictment).[41]

            Now, their spokesmouth is on record threatening to stop bribing the government if they don’t get their own way, and the “under color of authority ” thing ought to cover how they have been raping indie film producers while giving big studios a complete bye.

            Too bad America has a legal system and no justice system at all.

  1. As a private organization, the MPAA’s job is literally not doing what they say they do and classify films for appropriate ages, but to ensure that the government gets off their back and doesn’t do it themselves. As such, violence is okay given how violent our society is but sexuality is dangerous. Female sexuality doubly so. And the MPAA doesn’t feel like it’s their job to do anything but reinforce these societal biases since they don’t want to rock the boat at all.

  2. Kids of all ages in the US can watch it. It isn’t rated NC-17. An R rating means they are allowed to watch it with an adult.

    1. They can’t watch it by themselves or with friends. They CAN buy tickets to see “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” or the latest Tyler Perry offering, however.

  3. I’m astounded that BC *still* has a Censor Board.   I thought those had all been done away with, years ago.

    Clicks link…performs a Google search…hmmm…it’s actually called Consumer Protection B.C.

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