Man busted at grocery for "criminal mischief with the cheese"

This gentleman, Blake Oren Robinson, was arrested at a grocery store for "committing criminal mischief with the cheese," according to an Iowa City police criminal complaint. Robinson was apparently caught on video stealing beer, chips, and a jar of Tostitos Salsa Con Queso Medium Cheese. He reportedly went into the restroom to enjoy his snack and then smeared the cheese all over the floor and walls. Police say that Robinson was… (drumroll)… intoxicated. From Iowa City Patch:

A0Cb2E2Ec74D21689761451743F581A2 Investigation by the police found Robinson with some of the beer still in his pocket. Robinson allegedly admitted to spreading the cheese because "he thought it would be funny…"

Police charged Robinson with public intoxication, third-degree theft and criminal mischief -- all misdemeanors.

"Coralville Man Arrested at Grocery Store for 'Criminal Mischief With The Cheese'"


  1. Ha.

    I once went to a Safeway with a buddy of mine, and we ran into a guy who worked there who’d gone to high school with us.

    He said to my friend, “Hey man, remember last time you were in here?  You were drunk, and you just walked out with a jar of cheese dip.”

  2. This poor guy. With his unique name, for the rest of his life anytime someone Googles him they’ll find the tale of the cheese smearing, complete with a face pic.

    Would you hire someone who might smear stuff all over your bathroom?

  3. When I was a little kid in Atlanta, the convenience store that we would walk to for candy had a similar problem.  The only place they had to stack up beer overstock was the hallway next to the bathroom.  I didn’t really understand  the fuss, and what all the signs meant, until I saw the empty beer cans on the floor in the bathroom. No cheese was available.

  4. Misdemeanor: A minor wrongdoing. A nonindictable offense. 

    Posting his image all over the internet is a form of “Indictment”.  There’s laws in Britain that stop the wealthy from getting bad press. And we still don’t know who stole billions of dollars from hard working American homeowners. 

    Geez, cheez?

  5. I prefer chocolate and peanut butter …

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