Mathematical origami exhibit at UC Santa Cruz


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  1. wrecksdart says:

    First comment!  GO SLUGS!!

  2. thezarray says:

    … damnit. 

    I was feeling pretty good about myself because I relearned how to do a crane.

  3. I actually took a binary numbers theory class with Huffman when I was at UCSC in the late ’90s. Interesting guy, but a really tough teacher, once you fell behind in that class, which wasn’t rare, you were basically screwed. I failed it. :P

  4. Daemonworks says:

    Suigintou origami! Epic win!

    • disillusion says:

      Shame they misspelled Suigintou in the article, but yea, they did very well on the dress – the face and hair, not so much.

  5. Brian Chan’s work is currently showing in “Mens et Manus: Folded Paper of MIT” exhibition at Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA.  Until April 29.  Visit to see “Suigintu” and other extraordinary origami pieces. 

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