Mathematical origami exhibit at UC Santa Cruz

Joisel-Origami-300 Chan-Origami-300

"Origami: Art + Mathematics" is a new exhibit opening at UC Santa Cruz on April 8. The exhibit is focused on computational origami, in honor of the late UCSC computer scientist and mathematical origami pioneer David Huffman. You may recognize some of the artists in the show from their appearance in the fantastic documentary film, "Between The Folds," which apparently inspired this new exhibit. It runs through June 16 at the UCSC Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery. Above, two pieces from the show: (left) "Black Man" by Eric Joisel; (right) "Suigintu," from "Rozen Maiden" anime and manga, by Brian Chan. "Origami exhibit at Cowell College"


  1. … damnit. 

    I was feeling pretty good about myself because I relearned how to do a crane.

  2. I actually took a binary numbers theory class with Huffman when I was at UCSC in the late ’90s. Interesting guy, but a really tough teacher, once you fell behind in that class, which wasn’t rare, you were basically screwed. I failed it. :P

    1. Shame they misspelled Suigintou in the article, but yea, they did very well on the dress – the face and hair, not so much.

  3. Brian Chan’s work is currently showing in “Mens et Manus: Folded Paper of MIT” exhibition at Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA.  Until April 29.  Visit to see “Suigintu” and other extraordinary origami pieces. 

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