Shark cartilage may contain toxin linked to Alzheimer's, ALS


14 Responses to “Shark cartilage may contain toxin linked to Alzheimer's, ALS”

  1. Marc45 says:

    Oh the irony of nature…

  2. CSBD says:

    Hopefully this information counters the asinine belief that sharkfin soup is:
    A.  Awesome
    B.  Works like Viagra… only better.

    Maybe we should gene splice this toxin into Tiger Penises and Rhinoceros horns as well.

  3. Adam Dempsey says:

    I can’t wait to see the class action lawsuit commercials for this! “Have you or your loved ones developed Alzheimer’s after eating shark cartilage? Call Sam!”

  4. Rhett Holechek says:

    Well played sharks!

  5. NoneL says:

    But, But, My holistic health food store didn’t tell me that!  I’d better try some of the medicinal raspberries to cure the alzhiemers disease that I’m sure to get next.

  6. NoneL says:

     PattonReyna is actually the pseudonym for “dishwasher.”  A rather computer-saavy dishwasher. And if they’re from New York, is’s “dishwasha.”

  7. NoneL says:

     Adam Dempsey…GOOD one!

  8. pjk says:

    Wait! But it’s natural!

  9. Huh. Shark used to be cheap meat in the early ’80s, Pop used to marinade it in soy sauce. I kinda liked it. I guess you’re old when everything you like will cause you harm.

  10. Bartacus says:

    So in addition to creating 20 foot long supersharks which destroyed an entire marine science station, those Deep Blue Sea people were actually CAUSING alzheimers rather than curing it.   Stupid scientists. 

  11. Kommkast says:

    Cant get the jaws theme out of my head now.

  12. adonai says:

     Side effect of all the frickin’ lasers they have on their heads.

  13. IronEdithKidd says:

    Sharks:  evolved to kill, no matter what.

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