Barista plunges three Aeropresses at once

Johanna writes, "Carlos Aguirre, a trainer at Academia Barista Pro, stunned audiences worldwide when he pushed not 1, not 2 but 3 aeropresses at the same time for his signature drink during National Salvadoran Barista Competition."

That's a lot of aeropressin'. The key scene starts at 20:41.

SUBCAMPEON de Baristas en El Salvador GANA Mejor Espresso del País - Entrenador Carlos Aguirre (Thanks, Johanna!) h


  1. I love the Aeropress.  The only annoyance is when you have a few friends over and they all want coffee too since each press doesn’t really produce that much coffee.  It’s not a big deal, but I still may have to invest in this solution. :)

  2. I was most impressed with his upside-down (goofy-style?) method of loading the the Aeropress. After I’ve poured the water into my Aeropress I always feel like I’m on a mad dash to mix the grounds before too much liquid escapes out the bottom. This technique is a rather elegant solution.

    1. I like the inverse method too. I assume they don’t tell you to use it like that in case it falls over and spills over you. I find just putting a drop of water on the filter holder to stick the filter makes the inverse method a doddle.

  3. The choice of “eurodance-remix of Another Brick in the Wall” as backing music was, hm. Maybe not what I’d have picked myself. :D

  4. I get the eerie feeling that this is the caffeinated equivalent of porn for some people

  5. I watched a good five minutes of that and started getting that weird pressure behind the eyes that comes with being in a crowd of people reacting to something they find terribly exciting that I can make neither heads nor tails of, like figure skating – guy pulls off a jump and it looks impressive enough and gets a smattering of applause. Guy does what looks like exactly the same thing again and the CROWD GOES APESHIT.

    This is like that but without the physical prowess, disguised as an infomercial, with nothing obvious at stake, and in Spanish.

    I don’t get it.

    1.  My only theory is that this is some sort of social experiment to see how many  comments pretend to be excited over a random mundane foreign-language video if the description hypes it enough.  If that’s not it, then I have no idea.

      1.  El Salvador last year was the first coffee producing country to win the World barista Championship, thus making this competition the most viewed of all coffee industry in the world, and the most difficult one to compete in. Thanks for watching!

  6. I’m so confused, why is there blaring dance music as he makes coffee, and what the hell are people cheering about ?!?

  7. I love Boing Boing, and I love coffee, but I, like others, have no idea about what is supposed to be so impressive here. Perhaps the author can edit the article or comment as to what is so awesome about this.

  8. That contraption kinda reminds me of a piece an old roommate had back in the day. There was a single dry chamber at the bottom, and then a platform above that with two… oh wait, dude’s making coffee. Sorry, my bad.

  9. Maybe this is the Latin-American equivalent of being Rick-Rolled.

    I’m curious as to why Mr. Doctorow regarded this as notable.

  10. I can only assume Cory posted this as a joke. The quoted description is dripping with sarcasm.

    As an aside, I have that exact same electric kettle.

      1.  Nope, not forgetting. If not for the novel (?) use of the aeropress here I’m sure he wouldn’t have posted it, joke or not :)

  11. Hey BOING, how about you let me feature an article or two??
     I assure you it wont be a 30 minute foreign language video culminating in the use of a painted 2×4.

  12. It seems the only upside to being self aware of one’s obsession whilst hopelessly lost in the throes of that desire is the post-modern ability to stand back and analyse it with the same level of interested detachment as every one else.

  13. I think the real astonishment is he used an espresso with fresh ground and water to make a brew.
    Im gonna try that monday at Giddy Up :)

    1.  Exactly, (1 espresso, home made prune juice, water, coffee grounds) (1 espresso, home made raisin juice, water and coffee)

  14. You’d figure anyone with so much invested in making coffee would figure out a way to make a bigger aeropress.

  15. You can create a link to specific times in a youtube video. For this video: 
    Just add #t=(x)h,(x)m,(x)s

  16. What’ the big deal here?  I’ve used an aeropress before, it doesn’t require particular skill, strength, or coordination, and using a bar to press 3 of them doesn’t seem like it would either.

  17. To be a true barista takes years of study, self sacrifice and dedication. The demands are many and few have the mettle to stand above their their peers. They start young, some say by seven the spirit of coffee will have left them. The child must first become an acolyte to a black robed barista. Sometimes made to stand in the corner every day for months at a time without complaint or even made to delete their facebook profile, a single whimper of protest will end their dream instantly. 

  18. Why, Oh Why would you ruin a perfectly good espresso by adding it to steeped coffee!!!
    A real barista would not touch an aeropress with a 10-foot plunger….just sayin’…. 

  19. *yawn* maybe i’m being a bit blasé here, but, see: if he had brought a wild civet, a 
    Paradoxurus hermaphroditus to the finals, the cat smuggled in snuggled up under his shirt – and if he had somehow enticed said cat to do its legendary thing LIVE ON STAGE, taking it from there with the freshly harvested, steaming results…now, that would have been a sight worth seeing, and a tasting sensation most deserved by the audience.

    1.  All I could think of whilst reading that, was the coffee pot scene from one of the Austin Powers movies.. >.<

  20. Aw man, I still recall the old days, when my mom used to cook coffee on sundays. It was filter coffee, her signature drink btw. My dad was running around in the kitchen with his clipboard ready, watching all of her steps and taking notes.
    There was no TV coverage, so we kids went outside and watched the scene through the window, to get the feeling right…

    In other word: The guy is cooking coffee. Anyone who thinks this is big business: You’re sittin’ on bubble!

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