If you're on parole, don't steal a judge's office-door nameplate (If you do, don't pose with it on Facebook)


29 Responses to “If you're on parole, don't steal a judge's office-door nameplate (If you do, don't pose with it on Facebook)”

  1. marilove says:

    Well, at least he has nice hair?

  2. eselqueso says:


  3. Marc45 says:

    Dumb and Dumber  (the dude and his GF)

  4. mobobo says:

    the man is mortal flesh made god – what serious application to the honorable pursuit of dissing the toerags that politicians inflict upon us in the guise of judiciary

  5. Ipo says:

    But in the future he will get a lot of money for saving Brooke Shields from drowning and then blow it  all hiring Van Halen for his birthday party. 

  6. Mister44 says:

    Thieves – usually not the smartest bunch.

  7. penguinchris says:

    This is just a modern version of Bertie Wooster stealing policemen’s helmets I presume, all in good fun.

  8. Assault_is_eternal says:

    I’m shocked!

    That a nameplate costs $40.

  9. Teller says:

    If I’m his agent, he memorizes: “I did it to remind myself what you told me.”

  10. nosehat says:

    For some reason, the phrase “Spicolian caper” made my day!

  11. chgoliz says:

    He’s in deep doo-doo now: the fine for not wearing a seat belt could be higher than the misdemeanor theft….and much easier to effect (no presumption of innocence in traffic court, and a much faster “trial”).

  12. niktemadur says:

    All I can think of here, is wonder if the fellow would have been taken into custody if the fellow’s name had been Lindsay Lohan, or sheepishly asked to return federal property “whenever it’s convenient”.

  13. ocker3 says:

    Surely this is evidence of a compulsion or something??

  14. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    The local media covered this one on the news tonight…
    The Judge who had the nameplate snatched… is the Judge he was due to appear before for his PRIOR arrest.

  15. SoItBegins says:

    “You wouldn’t steal a policeman’s helmet. Then post on Facebook about it. Then give it to the grieving policeman. Then steal it AGAIN!…”

  16. recwreck says:

    Oh. Florida. 

  17. MrJM says:

    In the defense community, this is what is known as a frequent customer.

  18. Stefrobrts says:

    No one is going to bring up that this all could have been avoided if the GF had had proper privacy settings on her FB?

  19. erx says:

    So this kid stealing a nameplate is a felony, meaning that he will be sentenced to more than one year in prison for it and permanently bear the stigma of being a convicted felon.  What’s stupider, the kid doing this, or the criminal justice system’s absurd overreaction to it?

    • James Penrose says:

       I vote for the one who didn’t understand the guy is a repeat offender and many crimes turn into felonies if you keep doing them.

      He’s also on parole, you know you give your word you wont commit any crimes while on parole?  So he is a liar and an oath-breaker too.

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        So he is a liar and an oath-breaker too.

        Does that mean that his parole officer’s 23x great grandson can summon him to the Stone of Erech?

  20. Dimmer says:

    Maybe it just crawled into his hand and he is innocent? 

    I totally agree that the kid may have a kleptomania issue, and that jailing him makes no sense. Maybe the system will smarten up and just get him some therapy?

  21. Michael E Felan says:

    No one seems to have noticed that he also has a pipe on his lap.

  22. Andrew Vaz says:

    A strong candidate for a Darwin Award. Keep on going strong Steven, in no time, you’ll get one! 

  23. Mister says:

    for getting him roped again and catching a felony- add a domestic violence charge in a few hours 

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