Joy Division's "Atmosphere," accompanied by slapped cats


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  1. lisaz says:

    It’s really sad that Xeni feels the need to promote animal cruelty like this.  As a woman, I’m very ashamed to have her in the sisterhood.

    • Xeni Jardin says:

      please tell me you’re joking. if not, I’m going to die ROFLing.

    • usonia says:

      Of f’chrissakes. Have you never had a cat that enjoys a solid beating? Seriously, my cat loves nothing more than having her lower back bongo’d upon…at least I ASSUME she loves it: her purrs & purry-mewling suggest pleasure, but I might’ve been reading her reactions all wrong for the last 12 years.

      • technogeekagain says:

         Yep. Done properly, lightly drumming on a cat works the same way chopping massage does on humans.  And, especially through a microphone, it sounds like a much more solid hit than it is.

        People are more likely to rough-house with dogs — among other things dogs solicit it more, and aren’t as likely to catch you with a claw if overexcited — but cats can enjoy it too.  The cat has to trust you, and you have to trust the cat — but then again, that’s true of a lot of play with cats and kids and other small creatures.

        And as always, it’s your responsibility to pay attention if your playmate says “not now” or “enough”.

        (I just got a look from one of mine: “Hey, I was nibbling on that finger!”)

        Note that the cats voluntarily came to _him_ for this game. It may or may not help that they’re ‘Meezers, since Siamese tend to be more human-oriented than many cats.

        • marilove says:

          “And as always, it’s your responsibility to pay attention if your playmate says “not now” or “enough”.”

          Cats make that easy:  They have claws!

          • goopy says:

            Sadly, most owner declawed them before they can be used…at least the owners I know.

          • marilove says:

            @goopy:disqus Thankfully, I don’t know a lot of people who do that.  Ugh.  So lazy and cruel. :/
            I have a kitten (about 8 mos old) and she keeps climbing on my window screens.  She demolished one!I will nto be delcawing her.  Instead, I’m going to purchase more things for her to claw, and I’m going to replace my screens with pet-proof screens.  ‘Cuz I’m not an asshole.

        • oasisob1 says:

           We’re still talking about cats, right?

          • technogeekagain says:

             Yep. Though I admit deliberately muddying the waters.

            There’s a bumper sticker on my van: “If you believe in declawing cats, raise your hand” — with a picture of a human hand missing the first joint of each finger. The parallel is accurate.

      • SomeGuyNamedMark says:

        I’m not saying you are wrong but just wanted to point out that cats will purr even when they are obviously in distress.  I seen cats do it when being held down and given a shot at the vet’s.  I’ve heard theories that this is a self comforting action.

        The fact that the cat is not only staying there but arching into it makes me assume it isn’t hurting it.

        • marilove says:

          Cats won’t stick around if they don’t like what’s going on.  You’ll know when a cat is unhappy:   They will either run, or claw your eyes out.

        • Teal Scott says:

          Sounds like the purring was the kitty conveying “Give Daddy his medicine…”

        • Robert says:

          Sure, they purr. But they also obviously look like they don’t want to be there. Having seven cats of my own, I know the look.

          • technogeekagain says:

             We agree that we (and my two) disagree on this.  I don’t see objections, and I know mine don’t object to a bit of light percussion. I suspect the hits on the ironing board bother them more.

          • marilove says:

            Erm, they could easily just … jump off the ironing board.  Cats aren’t gong to stick around if they’d rather be somewhere else.  Also, their tails look fine (not fluffy or wapping around like crazy), and their ears are not back. Those are two signs that a cat is not happy.  They look content.

      •  Although I agree with your main point, purring can be as much a sign of nerves or fear as pleasure.

        So actually, she might hate it.

        But the real sign that these cats aren’t being creuly treated is the fact that they seem to go to him to get a little drumming action.  I’ve never known a cat that doesn’t get away from, or attack, things it doesn’t like.

        And I hate animal-cruelty-as-entertainment videos as much as the next animal lover.

    • Robert says:

      *head* *desk*

    • gothicgeek says:


    • Jason's Robot says:

      I’m pretty sure it’s something the cat likes and does on a regular basis.

      Otherwise it wouldn’t have come jumping up on the ironing board when the guy drummed on that.

      My friend had a cat which liked being swung around in a bag.  From the outside observer it looks kinda scary – But rustle a bag and the cat came running, then put said bag on the floor and the cat jumped in and would wait for the ride.

      No. It didn’t start out with a full swinging the first time.  The can liked being in grocery type bags anyway and they were swung gently in the early days.

  2. Brainspore says:

    It was the next logical step.

    • BobRH says:

      I knew that one had to be coming here someplace – can’t believe I never caught the “mouse organ” reference before though!

  3. Philip Chinn says:

    First the video then the first comment made me LOL so hard!

  4. Benjamin Coblentz says:

    this is stupid. s.t.u.p.i.d.

  5. Thomas Zaraat says:

    My siamese cat enjoys that sort of thing too

  6. GawainLavers says:

    “I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cat slapping!”

  7. Navin_Johnson says:

    Cat slap fever
     duh duh duh duh
    cat slap fever..

    • Brainspore says:

      Sadly, when Ted Nugent performs this song the cats rarely survive the ordeal.

    • You’ve helped us end the cruelty of cat-juggling .. Mr. Johnson, can we count on your support for this?

      • Navin_Johnson says:

         “Roll the ugliness”

      • technogeekagain says:

         Cat Juggling: The Flying Karamazov Brothers did that at least one, in a show taped for TV.  It’s on Youtube.

        (For those who don’t want to bother: “Paulo Barechesto” briefly accomplished this by shuffling cats on a counter. It’s a valid cascade even if no cat was ever thrown…)

  8. Smash Crate says:

    There is no animal cruelty going on here. The vast majority of cats love to be slapped on the meat of their behind and you can do so with surprising force without them complaining. In fact, their purrs usually just intensify. Your bond with them will strengthen.

    In my experience, this works best with female cats as they tend to have more muscle in the rear quarters, while males have their spine more exposed, so I recommend softer slapping for males until you find the “sweet strength”. 
    Certain breeds may not take to this kind of activity, but every cat I’ve ever had has adored this, as strange as it may seem.

    Ease your cat in softly and pick up the force with time until you understand their tolerance.

  9. MT_Head says:

    One of our cats really enjoys being spanked.  Takes all sorts. 

  10. One of my all time fav. songs now forever after associated with one hella weird ass video. Thank you?

    • winter67uk says:

      No thank you. One of my favourite songs too, and all I could think was “Is this what our lives have come to? Did we all turn into overweight, balding, button down-wearing, ironing board-wielding cat slappers?” Really, I weep.

      • marilove says:

        Yeah, well, you took the time to log in and comment on such a video, so, you know, pot, kettle, all that.

  11. irksome says:

    Perpetuating the false stereotype that odd, balding, bespectacled  and somewhat portly middle-aged men have no natural sense of rhythm.

    • Donald Petersen says:

      Never mind the puss-pounding, my first thought was “This is what Joy Division fans look like these days?!”

      In my own private inner world, this fella would rock out to Steely Dan, or Michael McDonald-era Doobie Bros.  If he got sufficiently liquored up first.

      Well, no, I’m not gettin’ any younger myself.

  12. Mitchell Glaser says:

    It’s the ironing board that does it for me.

  13. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    He left out the part where his cats pee in his closet to get revenge.

    • Felton / Moderator says:

      … the video of which will be set to Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

    • bibulb says:

      Upon the first cat slap, I thought “This guy’s gonna get cat poop on his pillow that night, isn’t he?”

  14. gws says:

    I wanted to watch him slap his cats for the full two minutes but the rhythmic dissonance was just unbearable. How hard would it have been to edit the slapping to even approximately match the beat of the song?

  15. Nawel says:

    Best. Thread. Ever. The video and the comments. First comment is pure gold. 

  16. JoshP says:

    oh, oh internets.  oh you.  you silly, silly internets.

  17. bklynchris says:

    I’m in Love
    I’m in Love
    I’m in Love with a Strict Machine…..

  18. $19428857 says:

    I have had several cats with masochistic tendencies. The slapping thing, yes, but one loved to have his tail pulled.

  19. Sirkowski says:

    PeTA will hear about this!

  20. MandoZink says:

    One of my female cats will annoy the hell out of me just to get me to bop her on the rear like this.  She LOVES it! I have 3 males and 3 females. They all like butt tapping, but the one female is crazy about it!  I can tell these cats are into it. They jumped up there on purpose.  If they didn’t like it they would run off in an instant. I’m lucky to be typing this right now without a cat bugging me for attention.

  21. Jason's Robot says:

    It’s odd – Boing Boing’s a tech and indie pop culture blog, yet it consistently loads the slowest and plays video the worst of any site I regularly visit.

    woah is me.

  22. Andrew Pam says:

    Swedish massage! Our late cat Tripitaka once jumped up on the portable massage table when our masseuse made a house call and was setting up, so he started massaging the cat to see what would happen and he loved it. I would occasionally drum along to music on him too. I think oriental cats may be particularly fond of massage.

  23. geessebeschleier says:

    I can turn my female cat into a cat homing missile by doing this , i carry her around on one arm head pointing forward , make eye contact with my tomcat (who is about twice her size and weight) slap her on the bum a few times and drop her to the floor, it’s like seeing a torpedo bomber drop the said torpedo , she goes straight for him and here goes the “beating”.
    Beating doesn’t last long as after a second or two the tide turns.If no line of sight, she goes into homing mode and looks for him.
    My gf (who had never lived with cats) was quite shocked when she saw me giving them a “whooping” , point is , are they restrained in any fashion ? Nope, they could run away any time.
    In fact, right now as i’m typing , my tomcat is making this operation a bit more difficult as i slapped him on the rear end a few times and he is now spread on half my keyboard  

    • MandoZink says:

      Our first cat, a female,  used to park herself next to my wife with her kitty rump in the air. My wife would pat her on the butt a few times and then say “Go ZOOM!”.  The cat would shoot out like a rocket and run like mad throughout the house. The cat thought this was great fun.

  24. John Smith says:

    True Faith by New Order might have been more appropriate.

  25. cstatman says:

    HOORAY    comments, video,   all of it.   everything about this?  total Boing Boing Wonderfulness!

  26. John Jones says:

    Oh man…they mixed him soooo behind the beat that it is painful, not cool.

  27. Jerril says:

    Another cat owner here with a cat who likes to be spanked, athough she prefers on the sides of the hips more than the… back of the pelvis I guess? I can bongo her butt back and forth between my hands like a masochistic pingpong ball for a minute or two before she usually wants a bit of a time out or something scratched. Time out is declared by lying down so her bum can’t be bounced back and forth, and a demand for scritches somewhere involves turning around and shoving the body part into a hand.

    Or she’ll grapple a hand and start grooming it.

    There’s a video on youtube somewhere of a cat who will drum the bed/chair/whatever after having his butt bongoed – the owner would drum on him for 15-30 seconds, stop, the cat would drum for a bit, stop, owner would drum on the cat, etc. Cute!

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