Leave Kony Alone


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  1. millie fink says:

    Excellent. I laughed. And then I realized he’s actually making a great point.

  2. Utenzil says:

    It is well done. The “african voices respond” is good/viewing reading also. The bottom line is that the documentary is good “heart-string-plucking” propaganda, it’s gotten people aware of a situation they’d otherwise know nothing about. But will people who are now interested start listening to the details? Many will tune out.

    It may well be that American advisers and technology would aid in the apprehension of this guy, who everyone agrees is a really horrible person. But no one should believe that this sort of expenditure is made with no strings attached. It may well be that there are rich resources in the area that could be developed for the benefit of people in the region, but if they are developed in the typical haphazard and ecologically destructive way they’ve been everywhere else, from Nigeria to the Gulf Coast, and the benefits are siphoned off into foreign coffers or greedy local politicians’ Swiss bank accounts, will there be more heart-string-plucking propaganda that is as effective?

    • C W says:

      “it’s gotten people aware of a situation they’d otherwise know nothing about”

      Awareness can be worse for a situation than ignorance. I’d definitely agree that this is the case here.

      • phisrow says:

        Are you suggesting that a plan, in a conflict-riddled but resource-rich and conveniently invisible part of the world, that starts with “American Military Advisors” and is backed by Team Jesus could possibly go wrong?

  3. TestSalad says:

    I’d rather throw in with a murderous warlord than hipster activists.

    • C W says:

      They’re Liberty University Christian Dominionist Hipsters, even worse than the PBR types. With the same trust funds, sadly.

  4. C W says:


    A reminder, backing the Ugandan army is endorsing “kill all gays” policies.

    • phisrow says:

      If the reports of the Liberty University chat with the producers of the video are accurate, I think that that is considered to be a feature rather than a bug…

      • C W says:

        Right. The “Left” is being scammed yet again by Neocons, this time with the guise of emo haircuts and designer jeans.

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