Solar Flare update: A Hot Mess


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  1. Baz says:

    Your little “Just Kidding!” joke was one of the funniest things I’ve read on here. Laughing out loud.    
    I also thought, “Oh, I’ll be with my boyfriend then, the person I would want to melt with if it the world stopped, so that’s totally cool.”

  2. goopy says:

    I went out of town yesterday to catch the northern light show. But, the damn weather was so crappy and covered clouds all over. Couldn’t see anything at all.

  3. noggin says:

    There’s an app, 3D Sun, put out by NASA’s heliophysics division, that provides news, alerts, awesome pictures of auroras as well as satellite images.  If you have any interest in sun related astronomy, you must get it.

  4. pupdog says:

    My birthday can’t get any rest – first the Madrid bombings, then Winnenden, then the Earthquake, now we’re all going to burn.

    Not blowing out THAT candle…

  5. Locobot says:

    Goddamnit OBAMAH!!

  6. Thomas Zaraat says:

    I hesitate to kill his bandwidth but sunspotwatch dot com has all your solar nerd needs met in one convenient package.

  7. Guest says:

    At around 22:30 CST last evening the aurora was directly overhead of Little Red River Park, SK for many minutes, and it was ridiculously violent and incredible.

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