7 Responses to “Solipsist”

  1. signsofrain says:

    Not to be confused with Andrew ‘bunnie’ Huang – at first I was like “He hacked the XBox, designed the chumby, injected video into HDMI without running afoul of the DMCA, AND he’s an experimental film-maker? Geeze, what am *I* doing with my life? But it’s not the same guy, they just have the same name.

  2. Beautiful, but I don’t think I understood it.

  3. Wow what a treat for the eyes. Visually amazing and extremely creative. This must have taken so long to create. I also thought it was filmed very well, the angles and the motion added a lot to it.

  4. calf says:

    Ending was awesome. I love the overall dramatic structure, a lot of (Western) classical music is organized that way.

  5. eljefe900 says:

    This is the tree of life for muppets. Where are teh dinosaurs?

  6. Andrew Huang says:

    Thanks Rob for the post!  Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, official website here:

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