Still more proof NYPD spying program focused on Muslims who were not suspected of any crimes

The AP has published more documents today which offer further evidence that the The New York Police Department "kept secret files on businesses owned by second- and third-generation Americans specifically because they were Muslims." The NYPD monitored these people based solely on their religion.


  1. Reading the internal documents, I think it is even more damning than the AP is reporting: they are somehow managing to BOTH monitor people on the basis of religion AND on the basis of ethnicity.  A two-for-one civil rights infringement!

  2. Ok, I recognize that there are people that chose to believe in gods that are contributing, productive citizens.  That said, IF someone really believes in the gods, not just ”pretend’ believes, and IF they chose to believe in what their passed down books tell them?  There is some scary sh$t in there, and I am ok with law enforcement watching them solely on that basis. 

    When they chose to join the 20th century, and leave the mythology behind, then they should be treated as citizens of a modern time, not before.

    1. So you support surveillance on all the Christians and Jews in the US, too? You must be in favor of a 700% tax rate.

    2.  Yeah we should be looking closer at the Mormons.

      Remember before 9/11 the terrorist activity in this country was mainly ELF, PETA, and Christians.
      ELF Burned housing developments.
      PETA pulled pranks, ruined people’s property, and terrorized people who were euthanizing less animals per year than PETA.
      Christians blew up and shot people for being baby killers.  Other Christians gave aid and support to these terrorists for doing “gods” work.
      The leaders of these terrorist organizations claimed religious freedom to cover up their calls for violence among the faithful.

      Haven’t seen many stories of Muslims demanding we pass laws to make their religious ideas into law like some others do…

      1. Haven’t seen many stories of Muslims demanding we pass laws to make their religious ideas into law like some others do…

        But they do. You just have to come over here, or any other muslim majority country. May be not in America where Muslims are not in the majority.

    3. Freedom is for those who believe like me? You don’t need to read their scary books, do you? Pre-religious mythology is extremely compatible with a scientific view of the world and genetics. Religious mythology is a confusion of this resulting from a misinterpretation of codes. If there is no confusion of codes there is no need to produce books to try to interpret their meaning.

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