Caturday: cat vs. printer (video)

[Video Link]

An internet classic from 2010 by Chris Cohen. (via @nytjim @janinegibson @bengoldacre)


  1. I didn’t think the voiceover added anything to it until the end when I wound up bursting out laughing.

  2. Haha!!! One would think they only pretend they can’t stand on hind legs but can do it so well!
    BTW, seeing how speedy cats are reminded me of this study that tried to recreate the speed of cat’s perception compared to ours, so they made this veeery slooow moving world. They say this is why cat’s can do stuff and react quickly: their percption was very high frequency… Makes one start to wonder about the “uniformity” of reality. The Seer man used to say we can compress and expand time at will with sole intent (no particular procedure). I’ve tried it and sometimes it seems to work…

  3. I could show this to my kids if the guy wasn’t saying fuck so many times. Yeah, I know, I can turn the sound off, free speech, etc. Just sayin’ is all…

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