Unusual airbrushed illustration inspires cartoonist


Ian JQ spotted this airbrushed illustration on the tailgate of a pickup truck and was inspired to draw some additional illustrations of the model who posed for it.


Oh my God. I have to Draw You


  1. I’ve seen some pretty shonky airbrush art on bikes, cars and trucks, but that, truly, takes the prize for being utter crap. Astonishing, and I’ll bet the owner of that F150 is really proud of it, too. Tragic.

  2. Perhaps this can be added to the famous satanic murals at the Denver airport.  She’s a cross between a serpent and a praying mantis.

  3. I’ve lived in Denver for about 13 years, originally from the upper midwest. I’ve said for years that people here are really effed up in the head – that it’s the thin air, the lack of oxygen – it makes people crazy in the brain. This is just one more shining example.

    And knowing the mentality here, I’ll second what @CountZero said: That the owner is probably really proud of it. Yes, tragic, but welcome to Denver.

    1. Honestly, this kind of makes me like Denver more. Not that I had a particularly bad opinion of it. It’s just that anyone who unironically paints a shoulder emerging from a breast has to be at least a little bit awesome.

    1. Honestly, if you saw Mona Lisa in real life, you’d cross the street. Just because you can make fun of something by changing the context doesn’t mean that it was bad. Although, in this case, the space planning could have been a wee bit better.

      1. Yeah, but that’s because Mona Lisa was a wanted killer. Why do you think there are so many versions of that picture? 

        Those are wanted posters! 

  4. As a user of the virtual world Second Life, I forsee a new fashion craze in the making.

    It’s got to be better than the stumpy, fish-lipped, slit-eyed, invisible pony rider fad anyway.

  5. Can’t believe nobody else has mentioned this already but *insert long horse related joke that I can’t come up with right now here*

  6. As a Colorado resident, I have to say that the city in the background also looks more like Gotham City than, um, “Deinver”.

    1. I’m seeing it written as “Demver” vs “Deinver”.  I think the spelling helps to zero in on the artist and patron’s demographic:  idiots.  I blame it on the solvent in the automotive airbrush paint.

  7. Clearly the owner of the truck felt such guilt after running the young woman over, that he decided to immortalize her dying moments.

    1. A combination of a memorial to her  and a cautionary lesson on driving habits in strip club parking lots?

    1. Well, I am in Mark F’s hometown of Boulder, and I have seen many, many odd things in this place where more-than-rural meets cosmopolitan.  My take, the truck owner really, really got screwed by his airbrush guy and has to drive around with this horror until he can afford to get it removed.  If it was a latino who commissioned this piece of sh*t (assumption from her skin color), he is one of many mistreated on the assumption that he is an illegal who can’t report bad business practices.  Imagine if I could take your money to do a bad job and dare you to report it.

      That said, I LOLed at the Liefeld comment!

  8. I’m actually interested in finding someone who’ll do a bit of airbrushed art for my van. This reminds me to make sure I see samples FIRST…

  9. I live in Denver, and I wish I had captured a tailgate that used to be in my neighborhood.  It was a self-referential scene of the pickup in a idealized Mexican landscape with Jesus.  A picture of the vehicle ON the vehicle. 

  10. Uh… am I the only one seeing the tires under her body? Or am I that messed up? So its either a girl-car (in which case, no one can really tell someone else that it doesn’t look right.) Or she is a 50ft monster who fell off of a building, landing on a car in a bone-crumpled heap.

    1.  I see them too, but I think they might be a reflection. If not, maybe she’s actually some kind of woman-shaped novelty vehicle, akin to the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile.

  11. She looks normal to me. But I’m pretty lanky.
    My love for her must never be…
    Think of the poor children.
    We would have to fax them to and from school.

  12. I’m afraid her breasts are far too low in the cartoon illustrations. They should be directly attached to the top of her shoulders.

    I believe the original artwork was based on Samus Aran of Metroid fame…

  13. I’ve actually seen this truck.. My Gal and I were scratching our heads trying to figure it strangeness out.  We blame it on the altitude and the abundance of Medical Pot. 

  14. the cartoonist is ian jones-quarty, the storyboard supervisor on adventure time and creator of nockforce.  check out more of his work here.  http://ianjq.tumblr.com/

  15. I think that within the context of the tailgate the image looks good; if the artist was going for an extremely realistic look then , yes, he failed , but for me the style is appropriate; it’s fun, a little sexy and it fits the needs of the context. If the owner of the truck thinks that it is perfect, I won’t hate on him for it.

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