MAKE livestreaming from SXSW today

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MAKE is livestreaming from SXSW today. Visit MAKE's Alt.SXSW page for updates and coverage of the festival.

Hot on the heels of alt.GDC comes alt.SXSW. What does “alt.” mean? It’s a throwback to the old alt. domains on USENET and refers to MAKE taking a slightly askew view of these large commercial tech events, in search of maker stories amongst the conventional mayhem. We have a video team and some bloggers at SXSWi and are doing live streaming of the event, making it up as we go along. And this is alt.SXSWi (interactive), so we want to hear your ideas for what we should cover, where we should point our cameras. Send your thoughts and feedback to #makesxsw @make.

MAKE is livestreaming from SXSW today


  1. Tell me what the thing with the dongles ontop of the camera is, and tell me nowww!

    I’m hoping it’s a gizmo that tries connecting to four different wifi carriers (I see T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon there) to stream the output of the camera.

    If so, that’s awesomely cool and a bunch of them should be at every protest rally ever.

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