Tom Whalen Goes Daffy for Mondo


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  1. Jeremy Wilson says:

    It’s nice to see Mondo’s Alamo Drafthouse work getting some well deserved attention!

  2. Discord says:

    Let’s see if he can draw a poster for My Little Pony. *snicker*

  3. Must… resist… no…. can’t. Not literally printing money, even if they are literally printing.

  4. thanks a lot for promoting this… as if it wasn’t going to be hard enough to get one of these

  5. Spinkter says:

    Look at that index finger!

    Just look at it.

  6. holoKitten says:

    Scored one of these at the gallery opening last night.  Its gorgeous.  Colors are super bright, bordering on fluorescent.  I went in expecting to just snatch up a Wrath of Khan and Brazil poster but couldn’t pass on this one after seeing it in person.

  7. Grahamers2002 says:

    “…these guys are literally printing money.”   Et tu, Boing Boing?  Et tu?

  8. thomfoolery says:

    They’re literally printing money? Are you saying that these posters are now accepted as a form of currency? Or are you saying that this new gallery is a front for a counterfeiting operation? If that’s the case, I feel it is my duty to alert the authorities.

  9. The sentence is OK if “money” is to be taken as some kind of figurative reference to their product, because they are indeed literally printing that.

  10. Mister44 says:

    LOVE Tome Whalen. I’ve invested in several of his prints. His poster of Monster Squad is GENIUS to anyone who has seen the film.

  11. Mister44 says:

    Have to say one more thing – I love so many of the Mondo prints – but their limited runs make them near impossible to get, unless you want to pay much more than retail on ebay.

    • Jeremy Wilson says:

       Screen printing is a time-consuming, labour-intensive process, so it’s very expensive.  Plus, people prefer limited editions when it comes to art prints.

      • Mister44 says:

         I am aware what it takes to screen print. I agree they should be in limited runs. I think their prices are reasonable from Mondo, but with the runs so short people buy them and then sell them for 2x or more on ebay. This doesn’t happen every time – but too often it’s happened to me.

        • Jeremy Wilson says:

           Well, that’s the secondary market for you.

          One thing you probably haven’t considered is that if Mondo is properly licensing these prints, they’re doing so based on the limited number being printed.  So, they’d have to pay much higher licensing fees for a “commercial” run, probably many thousands of dollars.  So, that may be the reason the editions stay small.

          • Mister44 says:

             I don’t think they are licensed. If I am wrong on this I’d like to know, but there are many examples of non-licensed fine art out there. The supposed co-creator of Ghost Rider just got in trouble when Marvel stopped turning a blind eye to him selling prints of his work.

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